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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I bought The Spark!

So I'm back home and 20 minutes after I park by my house and go inside my little sister convinces me to take her to the mall.

I know she's going to spend an hour in Hot Topic going back and forth and ends only buying one shirt.. so I tell her that I'll be in the Barnes n Nobles and she can find me in the cafe section.

I walk around for a second after I leave her and I find a copy of The Spark

The Spark is the book created by the CEO and founder of sparkpeople.com

It had been advertised all January (where most people start their weight loss New Year Resolutions) it was on sale for a while but I refused to buy it at the time.. Telling myself I didn't need it and that I was already a member of SparkPeople and didn't need an extra book.

So anyway I decided to take a look at the book while I waited for my little sister. Since the last time I weighed myself I had gotten more motivation to keep going. But I was feeling a little off that day; one because I was tired and two because I had just been looking at the latest pictures of myself since I had gone flying in a small plane with a coworker. I could see the progress I had made in my image but I still wasn't happy at the person I was looking at. It was a slap in the face telling me that yes, I'm still fat and yes I still have a long way to go

This is the image I'm talking about. I do look better but I'm still no where near where I want to be.

So once I started reading the Introduction and the SparkGuy's personal story, I felt inspired again. The story moved me like few things ever do and I kept reading it until suddenly my sister was suddenly infront of me.

I stared at the cover and stared at my sister. The book was no longer on sale. My bank accts were at an all time low yet I needed this book. I needed to feel inspired again.

I looked at my sister one more time and closed my eyes, got up and said, "C'mon let's go. If I don't buy it now I'll never buy it and I want this book. Let's go before I change my mind."

And I did. Now I have the book and I WILL use it to help me.

I will get better. I have goals and they're specific and realistic. I will get better. I'm doing fine.

The Spark will help me get there.



Jen said...

You will get there! & you have made amazing progress!

Margee said...

Let me know what you think of it! I might be interested in buying it too!