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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weigh In

Current Weight: 238 lbs ( I made it to the 230's. Yay!)

Work Out Achievement(s): So I was still working last week until Friday. I came home that night and I chilled out on Saturday. On Sunday I went to the gym because I noticed that the second I was home I started pigging out again. Being home is such a bad influence. All I ate were chocolate chip waffles and quesadillas, and fried chicken and fries.. bad bad bad..

So I went to the gym on Sunday and I asked an available trainer to take my BMI again. However he told me that the machine they have had been stolen from the managers desk and that he could take my Body Fat Percentage but he would have to do it the old fashion way: with pincers that grab my fat from my arms and love handles, add them together and look at a chart.

So there I was, lifting my shirt infront of the freaken gym and having this tall man in a red collared shirt squeeze my flab with pincers (like the ones they used to measure brains back in the day? You remember? Yeah like that)

Yeah.. I admit it was a little awkward but not awkward enough for me NOT to do it.

and concluded that I was around 43.2% body fat.. That wasn't good news since I knew the other machine was more accurate (i.m.o) and of course I had a smaller number before. So I reject those results and decided I was going to go to another gym and ask to see if they have the BMI machine so I can get a more accurate number..

It's not crucial to have that number but I would like to continue trailing it since I started a couple of months ago.

Anyway I also got to talk to this different trainer (Joe the manager wasn't there that day) and I got similar questions and advice; "You should be losing more weight after 4 months of going to the gym if you're going 5 or more times a week... Yes diet is 70% of the game, I'd say 80%... You should focus more on cardio and when you work on weights do a lot of repitions and don't take too long breaks in between sets, keep your body sweating and your heart rate up... Since you can't afford a personal trainer if you see me around and I'm not busy go ahead and come up to me if you have questions.."

All this info I've received before, but it was the attitude behind them that made me happy.
This trainer wasn't looking at me disappointed-ly.
This trainer wasn't trying to sell me anything everytime he opened his mouth.
This trainer genuinly smiled at me when he spoke to me (believe me I can tell when smiles are real and fake. I know the power behind smiles and I'm the master at genuine smiles and don't you forget it!)
So it felt a lot nicer to be talking to this man instead of Joe.

I worked out listening to my techno mixes again and again I was dying on the elliptical machine. Which is a good thing.

Today I went again and took it light on the cardio and worked on my arms and inner tighs. My tighs need work and maybe it's just me but I've noticed a change in them.

I've noticed other changes as well. I've lost an inch around my hips, waist and chest.. which means I still have the same body shape but it's all slightly smaller regardless (woop!)

I have more energy and I've woken up more than once with the urge to go jogging. I still haven't actually done it(that is gotten up in the morning put on my tennis shoes and gone jogging around the neighborhood) but I think I'm getting closer to it. LOL

Current Goal(s): I need to stop eating junk at home. I'm going to be camping in the desert again next week and I need to make a menu of food I should be taking with me. I'm thinking chicken and pastas and a lot of fruit should be good.. mmmm.. some cheese and minimal breads. I'm trying to work on my breads intake. I still eat way too much bread. (But it's sooo good!!) lol

Other than that since I'm home this week (well until Wednesday then I'll be doing a quick project somewhere else) I need to go to the gym daily. I'm paying for it right? I better use it.


that's all for now. I'm super thrilled to be in the 230's. I'm going to work my hardest to get in the 220's by sometime in May-June. Wish me luck! I feel a ray of sun is following me wherever I go!!



ShayLuv said...

Congrats! You're like superwoman =) Yay!

w0rld4vamps said...

correction: Catwoman.. My secret goal in life is to be catwoman. LOL LOL LOL. but thank you!!

hsanchez586 said...

Elina ... I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work :D


zombiekim said...

Wishing you good luck! Hope you're enjoying the desert.