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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weigh In- New Records!!

Current Weight: 236 lbs (I have now officially lost 15 lbs. Finally!!)

Work Out Achievement(s): Today is the day for setting new records (I'm so excited!).

After two weeks of complete hell (The first week was filled with family tragedy and complete binging while the second week was filled with field work and super extensive hiking-especially for an emotionally and physically tired girl like me) I am completely thrilled that I still managed to lose weight despite this giant life obstacle I've just gone through.

However I think these times have been a HUGE eye opener for me and the way I've been living my life (I know I'm not making sense and there's something I'm not saying. But I'm not ready to talk about it yet so let's just say that two weekends ago something big happened to my family and I'm still processing.. so bear with my vagueness please) and it has given me new Spark (hehehe) to continue this Wellness journey I'm in.

Because of it I think I've been able to see A LOT of progress in my journey:
First: I went to the gym today and saw that I had finally reached the 15lbs mark. I was thrilled!!
Second: I measured myself this weekend and found out that I had lost 3 inches in my waist/hip/love handle area and that was a happy shocker!!
Third: I FINALLY decided to cut my hair after years of torturing myself and telling myself not to (it's this weird goal setting I was trying to do using negative methods. I finally decided to admit to myself it wasn't worth it or working and I cut it off!) So I am also three inches shorter in the hair area. Woop!

Do you like my new look? Because I feel great!

Fourth: When I went to the gym today I again tried out my techno mixes for 30 minutes on the elliptical.. and sweated like a pig. Not only that but I immediately moved to the treadmill and ended up jogging for another 20 minutes and this is where my happiest new record comes in:

Fifth: I was able to jog over 4mph and complete 1 mile in 15min & 5seconds! This is HUGE for me! Until now I have been able to go up to 4mph in small sprints, not able to keep it up at all.
Now I was able to continue a 4.5mph jog and not only that but do a 5mph sprint. I was so ecstatic you have no idea!

By the end of the work out I was incredibly sweaty, red and tired. I knew I had REALLY worked out today.

Over all I can see the difference in my body and my mind. I look a little better, feel tons better and I believe that putting those together is a huge step in to Being Better. And I'm alright with that. LOL

Goal(s): Like always, food is where I need to work harder. Like those red-shirted-trainers tell me "Diet is 80% of the game" and I've been trying. It really does help a ton to live my life in a tent, mainly to gain endurance from the elements but also with budgeting and working harder in what goes in my mouth.
I need to work harder in finding out what foods I could eat that fill me up, taste great, and have the lowest calories possible.

Today (after the gym) I went to my local Wal Mart super center to look for new swimming goggles so I can finally jump back in the pool comfortably. I then remembered that someone had told me that the Super Center Wal Marts were the only places I could find one of my favorite breads: Pumpernickel.

I decide to go over to the bakery section. Looked around for the darkest looking loaf in the bunch and what do I find?


I had been looking for this bread for a year and never found it. I finally stop crazily searching for it and there it is! This bread is amazing. Has a strong rich smell to match a strong rich taste. I instantly bought it (with a couple of other random things) ran home and made myself a turkey sandwich with my yummy bread for brunch.

This sandwich is turkey breast slices, monterey jack cheese, light mayo and romane lettuce, with of course pumpernickel bread. Yumm, Yumm, Yumm.

My goal at the time was to sit back, relax, and enjoy my sandwich.

My goal for the end of April is to lose one or two more pounds so I can be well in my way to reaching the 220's by May!

Wish me luck and have a delicious day!



Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so proud of you! But the most important part is that you're proud of yourself! This past time I saw you you looked great, and the best part of all is that you are feeling great too :) Keep it up love, you should be positive by now that you can definitely achieve your goals, so now the rest is up to you! Just don't go getting too skinny now. Love you!!!

ShayLuv said...

I am so jealous right now... hahaha you're doing yo thang girl!! Keep it going... congrats on your new records!! =D

Tenzin said...

Great Job Elina!!!