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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My "Julie & Julia" Post

So last night I watched the movie "Julie and Julia"

and I surprisingly fell in love with it. (I usually write my own reviews and etc on films.. but that's another blog not this one so I won't go there ..lol)

That movie somehow inspired this post.

I woke up this morning in love with food again. And although I had somewhat of an urge to learn to cook again I was still way too sleepy and out of it to actually put on an apron and turn on the stove.

Instead I decided I wanted a snack. I decide I want to eat sliced bananas with peanut butter. (Yumm stuff. You should try it.) The problem with that was that there was only half a banana left in the house and no peanut butter anywhere I could find. So I slice up that half banana and find an open bag of milk chocolate chips. I add about ten chips.

Suddenly I remember I DO have peanut butter. It's in my car. (Remember I just came back from an almost month of living in my car so yes, I have peanut butter there. I also have razors, tea, and a tent in there.. but anyway)

I run to my car and come back with a giant jar of Extra Crunchy peanut butter.

I put a nice big healthy spoonful of peanut butter then stare at my bowl:

The peanut butter is cold and the choc. chips are too hard. So I shrug and put it all in the microwave for 30 seconds.

As you may know (or not since I didn't know until after I pulled my bowl out) banana turns mushy and excretes liquid when warmed up. My snack was ruined! Or so I thought.

As I pout at my ruined meal I grab a fork and start mixing it all together.. hoping that by mixing it maybe all will be well.

I turn out to have a chocolatey mushy mess with little pieces of peanut butter all over it.

I taste it.


I suddenly realize that I've unintentionally made a chocolate-peanutbutter-banana warm spread!

I instantly grab a wheat bagel and spread my new invention all over it.

I start to eat and marvel at the goodness I've made.

Halfway through my delicious snack I realize that this must be how cooks, chefs and people like Julia Child felt when they created something amazing (I may be exagerating but I believed I was going through an epiphany so stay with me) and decided that I HAD to blog about this! LOL~

Here is my concoction:

Now if you love reeses peanut butter cups and the general mix of chocolate with peanut butter AND you love bananas, you will LOVE this.

Now how healthy is this? Not too sure. Probably not as healthy as it should be. But I still believe this is better than eating a Reeses.. or Nutella maybe.. plus you make it yourself so you can determine how much of each ingredient goes with it.

This is my simple discovery/invention. That someone might have made it before me: very probable. That they had as much enthusiasm as I do now: maybe. The fact that I'll make it again and enjoy it just as much as I did this time: guaranteed!

So go on my friends and try new things. Who knows what we'll discover!!


1 comment:

ShayLuv said...

I do love peanut butter and chocolate together and then I love bananas... only problem bananas sometimes make me nausea (inherited from my dad...ugh)

BUT KUDOS TO YOU cuz I got all the ingredients =) except the bagel =( and I shall try your product lol

yummy... now you made me hungry thinkn about this lol