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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So I promised I'd show off pictures of my current adventures in the middle of nowhere Nevada.

I never really thought much about what Nevada looked like and I was happily surprised by what I saw:

This is the beginning of my hike last Saturday

The day was overcast and slightly rainy. It was a little cold and wet. I thought the trail would just continue to be a road and I could simply follow it to wherever it took me, but I quickly found out that the road soon ended and I had to simply find a spot to walk on that wouldn't trample the knee high grass and continued to follow the trees.

Yes that's me with my tons of layers.. It's kind of weird to be wearing gloves, beanies and long johns in the middle of June but that's what happened. The week had started out warm and sunny and as the week progressed it got cloudier and colder. By the end of the week all the layers I usually reserved for the night I was wearing during the day as well. The whole reason I was able to go on this hike was because the area we were working at was raining and making us miserable. Good thing camp wasn't raining quite so hard yet..

The area I was at was near this awesome creek

which ran along my own made trail. Since I had been working in the desert all spring I kept staring at this wonderful source of water, so close to camp. I kept walking off toward the small bank and dipping my fingers in the cold water. I almost felt like jumping in. I think I might have if it wasn't so shallow. Yes I know it was cold but let me tell ya when you aren't near a shower everything looks appealing.

My boss had told me to stay on the right side of the creek. I wasn't really planning to get lost so I paid attention to him. I was happy to do so. There was a lot of little things to see.

On the other side was a burn site where the trees were literally standing charcoal and the ground below me was literally cushioned with old ash.. It was amazing. I didn't realize that lupins grew so well and amazingly around burn sites as well as some other plants that were out there. If you touched the branches of the trees you would come back with a hand full of blash ash.

After a bit I decided to climb up this hill and get a good look of the whole area

that was the area I had already walked and this one:

is the area I didn't get to.

It really is quite an amazing place. I stayed on that hill until my personal body heat cooled and I saw that a new set of storm clouds were forming and coming over. Once I saw that I climbed down and headed back to camp.

The last picture was the picture I talked about in my last post where I was really surprised at the person I saw in the image:

What do you think?

That's the start of an adventure you guys.

Have fun!


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ShayLuv said...

Look at you, curvacious babe!! =D

And great photos!! Keep doin yo thang girl =)