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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weigh In- Hello June!

So I decided to wait until the first of June to do my Weigh In so I could have something to start the month with...

Current Weight: 227 lbs (I haven't been this weight since my freshman year of high school 10 years ago.. This was definitely a "wow I can't believe it" moment)

Work Out Achievement(s): Later yesterday after I wrote my work out post I decided to go to this area a mile or so away where I've walked my dogs before and attempt to go jogging.

The area is just this cement-well manicured lawn-snake-y trail with grass on either side and every few feet there's a section where people could stop and do stretches. There are little signs that show you what stretch or whatever that station is for. A lot of people go there to walk, run, jog, bike, and walk their dogs so I thought it would be a nice area to go to.

I put on my headphones and used the songs to transition from walking to jogging to walking again. There were sections that went uphill and down hill too so it was nice. By the time I reached the park at the top of the hill that connected to the trail I was burning up. I took a quick break and then changed the music to see if I could keep the same pace all the way back to my car.

I ended up finding a song that kept me at a nice little trot and I jogged back to my car without stopping. It was amazing. My breath wasn't labored and I remembered someone telling me that the way to start running is to start at a pace where you can feel comfortable. I think I found my pace.

Since I didn't know how far I had gone I decided to get in my car and drive up the hill to where I started jogging back and track my miles (yes I'm a dork.. deal with it!)

The trail was 1.6 miles. I was shocked. I had jogged over a mile without stopping or slowing down... sure my pace wasn't race material but it wasn't super slow either. Since I had gone out and back that equaled over 2 miles.

I mentally patted myself on the back and went home. hehehe..

Today I went swimming. It felt great to get back in the pool. I had bought new goggles weeks before but hadn't had a chance to use them since I'd been away in the desert where there are no pools. Before I jumped in I checked my weight and found my little surprise. After I swam I chatted with a woman in the hot tub and she asked me how much weight I'd lost. I told her since I started in Dec/January around 24 lbs. She seemed impressed and asked me what I had been doing. I told her. I somehow felt a little proud yet a little odd since it seemed like I was some sort of success story (like the ones you read in weight loss books and magazines) and yet I knew I still have a loooooong way to go.

Either way it made my day. And so far my day has been great.

Goal(s): Well here comes the confession part. I admit now that a couple of weeks ago I finally broke my "no juice" streak. It started with really diluted apple juice when I was working out in the field, which I forgave myself for, but when I went to Vegas the shit hit the fan. My friend had brought Capri-Sun to take with us as we walked the strip. I cringed when I saw them. I could have said no. I could have left the box in the trunk of my car. But I didn't. I drank more than one and got pissed when she left some in the front of my car because I drank another one on my drive home.

Not only that but we stopped at the Coca-Cola store and tried the 16 different sodas from around the world. Yes you got that right. 16 different samples of soda from around the world. It was actually pretty cool to try all the different flavors. Though I felt completely bloated afterwards.

Yes, that's what 16 soda samples looks like. Some of them were pretty good. But one of them was completely awful. I'm never ordering soda from Italy. I'll stick to pasta.

I was also pretty worried that I had gained weight during the trip because all we ended up eating was a large strawberry pie, greasy appetizers and crackers (I was poor. Don't judge me! lol) And so I realized I had to make a change.

I have to re-evaluate my calorie intake and also have to pay really close attention to the food I'm going to take with me when I start camping in Nevada next week. I talked to one of my super healthy co-workers about my weight loss journey and asked her to give me ideas and suggestions on food I should look for and buy since I always loved what she cooked when we camped together. It smelled great, was full of veggies and tasted amazing. She was happy to tell me not only food to buy, but simple recipes and stores to check out.

I meet the nicest people sometimes. :)

So over all my goals right now are to simply pay more attention and learn to cook more vegetable dishes. I'm also re-starting my "no juice" regimen and will try to incorporate things like Crystal light and fruity tea bags to cold water if I go nuts again and crave taste. LOL

Wish me luck and I will do this!



zombiekim said...

Good luck, and congrats on getting so fit so far! I get winded running to catch the bus. ;)

Brandon McCloskey said...

You are doing great Elina! Keep up the great work! I can tell the progress in your recent pics. :-) I'm hoping sooner or later I can see those kinda results in my pics.