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Friday, January 28, 2011


I found out this little town was having a story/presentation about the history of a local. I decided to check it out mainly because my boss was supposed to be there to talk to the presenter afterwards.

So that means I had to rush my swimming to make it in time. Which means I only did half my laps. Then I got there and they had cookies and other baked goods. I ate some (I had already eaten dinner.) After the presentation I ate more.

My boss never showed up. So I went next door the restaurant (where I was working previously) and told the girls there about my cookie eating. They wanted some.

So I went back to get them more cookies... and I ate more.

I took one out for the cook. He didn't want it. So I ate that one too.

Now I'm here. And I just finished writing my new article

Check it Out.

but now I feel incredibly full and a little guilty.

Why cookies? Why are you so good?

Tomorrow will be a better day.

That is all.

<3 w0rld

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