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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do I Stop at Snow?

First of all let me apologize for the lack of action in this blog these last few days. My energy level has been dragging since I got back to the desert and I'm trying to simply get through the week.

But this brings me to the question, "If you've been so low and tired have you been continuing your weight loss journey?"

The answer is YES! But with A LOT of effort.

When I came back to the desert Sunday afternoon I could barely make it through the door. Let's just say there was no way I made it to the pool that night.

And then something happened Sunday night to make me feel worse. It SNOWED.

Now some (or most) of you may not know but I am not the greatest fan of snow. Being a So-Calian I am not used to snow let alone waking up to it. To me snow is the pretty white stuff that decorates the mountains that make up the view, NOT stuff you trek through while working.

My depressed, sick, low energy, and Monday hating persona was not very happy with this, though I do admit the view was absolutely Gorgeous!

The snow melted by mid afternoon but I admit I was using the snow as an excuse to not go to the pool again.

"I draw the line at snow. Who in their right mind would go to an OUTDOOR Pool when it snows?!"

But then I realized that if I didn't swim I would slowly be going on a steady downward spiral to lazyness, fatness, and "I just can't lose weight." mentality.

So I told myself No. I've gone to that pool when it's been colder, windier, rainier, Lightning-ier than how the weather was that day.

The day was even clear. No wind. No rain. Completely still and beautiful.

The pool had clouds of steam coming out of it for goodness sake! (Remember this pool is a Natural Warm Springs Pool filled by a near by Warm Spring)

Do I stop at snow?

The answer is no. I got myself off my ass and put on that suit. Grabbed my towels, goggles and pool key and walked the distance to the pool.

I swam.

I felt better.

I've been going nightly since then.

This journey does not stop just because I "don't feel it." It doesn't stop because "It's cold." or "I'm getting over a stomache ache." or "I have work tomorrow."

To be honest even today I don't have a lot of energy. I'm still complaining about the cold and I'm worried about frost going too far in the mornings. I'm not happy with my job right now nor am I happy with my life right now.

But I can't give up on something I've started just because I don't feel like it. I have to keep going and things will get better. I HAVE to believe that. Maybe it's only swimming right now. But hopefully tomorrow I won't dread going to work and return to enjoying it. Hopefully soon I'll get my act together and finally take the GRE and apply to Grad school. Hopefully one day I'll buy a pair of jeans at a regular department store and not have to go to the "Plus Size" or "Womens" section.

One day at a time right?

One day at a time.

Happy January!


p.s. I bought myself a new, electronic, easy to read-and-won't-lie-to-me scale. I'll use it to weigh In on Monday. Till then! <3

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Jen said...

Aw my love! This is so inspirational! I hope you're feeling much much better! I love your attitude and outlook, keep it up, you CAN do it! =) <3