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Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Quick Weigh In!

I have 10 minutes before going back to work!

Let's go!

Current Weight: 210.4 lbs (that's exactly 3 lbs lost. Not bad!)

Work Out Achievement(s): So Monday came too quickly. I didn't get a chance to even Start my jogging in the mornings. Honestly my schedule is horrible right now. I know that's not a good excuse but it's true.

Other than that I've been good and haven't eaten at the restaurant where I've been working. It looks like I'm going to cut my hours working there drastically since it's starting to interfere with my Field Work, but a girl has priorities!

I'm still swimming and I came up with a goal! The second I turn 199 lbs (not 200 because I want to leave the 200's for good!) I will buy myself a new swimsuit!

Which brings us to..

Goal(s): The swimsuit I have is stretched out like you can't believe. It looks like I wore it, gained weight, lost it, jumped around like crazy with it on, and now it looks like a stretched deflated balloon!

Not cool.

So besides trying a second attempt at starting my jogging routine (these last couple of days have been warmer so maybe if I start REALLY early it'll work) I'm keeping myself going by saying that once I lose 11 more pounds I'll buy myself a new swimsuit.

11 lbs! I can do that right? SURE I CAN!

That's all for now lovelies!


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