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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weigh In

Ok so I stepped on the scale this morning and wasn't happy nor was I surprised at what I saw.

Current Weight: 210.2 lbs (that's a 1.8 lbs gain from last week)

Work Out Achievement(s): So looking at that number I really had to re-evaluate what I had done last week. Here it is:

Last Monday, I was training on deer capture and spent my night at a bookstore slirping up Starbucks. No swimming

Last Tuesday, I spent the entire day in Las Vegas trying to run as many errands as I could. I ate at In N Out. A double double, all my fries and a strawberry shake. No swimming.

Last Wednesday, back to normal. No big events. Ate well and went swimming.

I honestly don't remember Thursday. I'm pretty sure I went swimming. Right??

Last Friday, my boss came and brought us Asiago Bread from her local bakery. I started eating away at the cheese bread. That was also the night of the million eaten cookies and a couple of brownies too. Swam half my laps.

Last Saturday, was the dinner with the other environmental conscious ppl. Ate like a mad woman. Ate chips and salsa, salad, two pieces of bbq chicken, rice, two margaritas, Sauted and broiled brussel sprouts, a ton of Date Bread and like 2 and a half eclairs for desert. Swam all my laps.

Last Sunday. Almost back to normal but ate a giant fruit salad followed by a cheese bread sandwich for lunch. Swam all my laps.

So yeah that's the trend. Ate too much, not enough swimming, and if you haven't noticed I STILL haven't re-started my jogging routine.

February is tomorrow and I'll have to re-weigh myself for the Monthly Weight Log on the side panel --->

I doubt there will be much change but I was really hoping to go down a few more pounds.

If I don't watch myself I'll end up in another plateau like I did all last summer. NOT Good!

Goal(s): I'm going to try my Hardest to re-start my jogging routine and watch my food intake. I'm not sure what it is that's making me so ravenous but I have to figure it out.
I'm a little stressed out right now so that might have something to do with it.

Do you have those weeks where you just can't stop eating? How do you work past that?



zombiekim said...

Your post is making me sooo hungry.
Hmm...you say you were working on deer capture, eh? Are you sure this isn't a conspiracy against you...BY THE DEER?! I know, I know, it's for their own good, but I'm just sayin': if you come across a delicious picnic in the middle of the desert, surrounded by hoof-prints, do not eat it!

Blubeari said...

Sounds like an off week (but a delicious one)... nothing a good week can't change. :)

Jen said...

I just had TWO of those weeks, so I know exactly how you're feeling. Since I was sick I couldn't go running for about 2.5 weeks. At first I felt horrible, then it became too easy to get used to not running (that's why I don't like to go more than 1-2 days without running...). This past Saturday I forced myself to start running again. I felt so bad because I felt so heavy and out of breath, but I knew it was normal after my slip, so I just focused on the way that I would feel soon (back to normal) after getting back on track. I couldn't go last night but I just came back from the track (like 5 mins ago lol), I feel so much better! Aside from not exercising I was binging like crazy. I've been incredibly stressed out and haven't had access to healthy food, so I would just eat whatever was available (I knew it wasn't ok but I had no access to healthy food and couldn't go grocery shopping-long story). Since I started running again my body feels better and I even stopped over eating. Something about working out and feeling your body getting stronger (and seeing it look better) helps you make better choices. Hopefully you'll be able to relate :) You can do it! I love you!

midlife_swimmer said...

this kick is amazing for shaping inner and outer thigh just for something new to think about :)



Margee said...

I hate those days and weeks. Normally, a work out straightens me out. Normally. Good luck!

...:::Paulina:::... said...

I actually had one of those weeks this past week! We had a few birthdays in the house, so there was cake, a big birthday dinner, etc... I didn't do as bad as I could have, I kept thinking that if I ate too much, I would have to work even harder. That seemed to help me. :) For me, knowing that it'll just take that much longer for me to lose weight seems to help.

Christine said...

no no no.
you only get to eat what you catch this week...so hunt a deer primitive style. lol..
or uh, is this not a deer hunt but some sort of deer preservation thing. Those confuse me, where I grew up there were so many if you didn't hit at least one in your life with your car, you weren't a true michigander.
better luck next week.

w0rld4vamps said...

WOW. Thank you so much for your responses you guys. I haven't received this much in a long time. I feel loved <3

But yeah I honestly think this week was a fluke because I just weighed myself for February and.. well you'll see. :)