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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February! Aaaah!

I cannot BELIEVE it's February people! Valentine's Day is 13 days away and I don't have a date! Oh NO!


I'm just kidding. I'm not the kind of person who would worry or care too much about Valentines Day.

No, what I really came here to say is that I weighed myself again this morning and got an interesting surprise in the scale.

Beginning February weight: 207.6 lbs

I don't get. I don't get it. But it works in my favor. So, I'm keeping it. :)

I weighed myself three times to make sure it was right and each time the scale blinked "207.6" so 207.6 it is.

Thank you so much for the responses on my last post

The food WAS delicious. I WILL get back to my regular routine. I HAVE been meaning to try new things in the pool.

And for those of you that wonder what the *(&%^ I'm talking about when I mean "deer capture" I mean that a helicopter crew goes around, nets a doe, brings it back to camp, we take out samples of blood, hair and etc, put a radio collar on it, and let it go.

No venison for me tonight my friends. LOL

Thank you again. Wish me luck on this week and have a great February!!


Meow! said...

ELINA!!! ^o^ I've heard the first 50 lbs or so is the easiest to lose and then people tend to plateau it out. You may want to start mixing up your workout so your muscles are constantly being worked. My bro (who is a personal trainer) once told me that if I continue to work out at the level I'm in, my body will decide that's all I'm going to do and start reserving calories for me to lose on a certain day. I need to keep changing it up so that the body is confused. Does that make sense? LoL Good going! Loving how you're lookin'!

w0rld4vamps said...

It Does make sense and yes, I think it is about time I switched up my work outs, not only for that factor but also to keep ME interested. Honestly some days I'm just like "let's get this over with already"

Thanks for the advise!