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Monday, February 14, 2011

Weigh In

First of all let's start off with saying Happy Valentines Day! I still have about 4 hours of the day left and although I was working all of today and even forgot about it and got confused when my mom screamed "Feliz Valentines!" to me over the phone I like to think that I have this tiny little time to actually celebrate it. And how do I celebrate? I treat myself to dinner! LOL.. I guess I'll never learn.

But let's get to it!

Current Weight: 206.0 lbs (although I didn't blog last weeks Weigh In I DID weigh myself and it was 207.4. That means that this weeks loss is -1.4 lbs)

Work Out Achievement(s): Ok so I'm actually really glad of this one pound loss because I went home last week. That means eating waffles and pancakes and home cooking and messing with the little nephew as the only form of exercise.
But wait! I managed to get a ton of things done and one of them was to go to my local sporting goods store where I bought myself a pull buoy.

My swimming has now increased in intensity!I've currently switched my swimming with half my laps using the buoy and half of them using the buoy as a kick board.That way I am working both my arms AND my legs And I'm loving it! I've also found that using the buoy actually helps my dolphin kick technique. That means my abs are going to get toned. Six pack here I come! Ok, jk.. but the enthusiasm is there and that's what matters right?
Add the fact that these last couple of weeks have been warm so going to the pool at night has been welcome rather than dreaded. Honestly I'm glad I'm slowly getting psyched to work out again. This weather has been amazing and is bringing back fond memories I've had of working in the desert rather than the not-so-happy mood I've been in since before New Years.

Goal(s): So I said I was going to start jogging again and I actually did go jogging a few weekends ago. On Superbowl Sunday actually. I've recently rekindled my love for Daft Punk and had them on my mp3 player as I started my first jog of the new year. I wasn't planning on going very far knowing that I hadn't been running in over a month. But Daft Punk didn't let me down, and the music refused to stop, so I kept going. In the end I went further than I had ever gone before, too bad I pulled something in my left hip and it's been bugging me ever since. I don't blame Daft Punk though. I love D.P. It was my mistake for getting over excited.

So my goal this week is to continue my new swimming routine and find out how well it does on the scale. I also started drinking more water and I think it's been helping. I'm going to stretch well and try jogging again. I'll go slowly.

I CAN do this!


midlife_swimmer said...

nice pull buoy :) I like daft punk also.

Jen said...

Awesome! We used those in swimming and boy are they a work out! Good job! I still prefer running, but that's because it's my comfort zone. Aside from stretching you need to strengthen your hip/leg abductors and adductors, some leg raises along with lunges will really help strengthen those babies out.

Christine said...

great job! good loss. Keep up the good work.