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Friday, February 25, 2011

Mapel Oat Pecan Scone and Meat Ravioli

Yup you read that right. That meat ravioli was dinner last night, and since there was a delay with my order I got free super chocolate cake for my patience. Did I take advantage of the chocolate offer. You bet I did.

Eating Meat Ravioli and checking email. Yeah I'm a multi-tasking badass!

And this morning. A "maple oat pecan scone" from Starbucks followed by a Grande Caramel frappacino.

*$ lady:"Would you like whip cream with that frap?"
Me:"I sure would. That's what makes the drink."

To make matters worse I didn't enjoy the scone that much (yet I still finished it. What's wrong with me?!) so I ordered a toffee, walnut chocolate chip giant cookie to make up for the disappointment in taste.

I know. I know. W.T.H?

I shake my head just thinking about it.

But I'm all about taste these last few.. weeks.

I want sweet, amazing tasting things. And when I don't like what I try I can't stop thinking about it until I find something that will suffice. I really need to focus that obsession on something that would help me out. Like learning how to bake healthy things, or finding sweet things that aren't a million calories.

Syrup covered, chocolate chip pancakes!
Blueberry waffles!
Date and walnut bread! (<---- most amazing bread I've ever tasted!)
Strawberry sorbet ice cream!
Chocolate covered raisins!
Mashed potatoes with REAL butter!
CHEESE!! (feta, cheddar, parmessan, gooey, yummy, amazing!)
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!
and my all time favorite (and I do it ALL the time)

A giant fruit salad with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, Gala apple, banana, purple grapes, and any other fruit I could find, loaded with cottage cheese, smothered in honey-honey-and more-honey and topped with almonds!!!

Mmmmm.. Just thinking about it all is making my body melt and my mouth water.

I gotta take control of my urges! I can do this!

"I can have it all just not all at once."

This quote from Bethenny Frankel's fabulous book Naturally Thin

is a godsend during these times of crazy control issues. I love this book because it explains HOW to eat not WHAT to eat. Does that make sense? And believe it or not I need to read these kinds of things. It may seem simple to say "eat smaller portions. Choose your food wisely." But I really like the way this is explained.

It's time to pick up my copy again. Time to meditate. Time to find sugar free syrup!


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