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Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh In

Thought I forgot didn't you? Well you're wrong! Here it is!

Current Weight: 205.2 lbs (That's a .8lbs loss from last week)

Work Out Achievement(s): So... about a 1 lbs loss this week. Honestly I was hoping for a bit more than that but I'm also not too surprised. I admit I haven't been eating the best this last.. month really and I guess all the walking and hiking and some swimming I've been doing is no longer enough to keep the pounds melting off like they were doing back in November and December.

I have been feeling like I needed a new challenge/change in my workouts and I'm already starting to switch it up. Buying that pull buoy is a big step in to changing that. Not to mention I need to start paying closer attention to how many calories I've been consuming. I admit I only count calories every other month nowadays to make sure I'm not going crazy or fooling myself to thinking I'm eating less than I am.

Still, I'd rather continue losing slow and steady like this than ending up in another plateau again. I DO NOT want that to happen again.

Last week besides the strip walk I also got to check out Red Rock Canyon. It was beautiful

I had a lot of fun messing with the timer on my camera but I admit I didn't do as much hiking as I wanted. I really spent most of my time taking pictures. I'm definitely planning on going again and spending the day hiking. I want that sweaty, sore legged, but oh-man-that-wind-at-the-top-of-the-hill-feels-good feeling.

Yes I said it, I'm hoping for AND planning an activity that'll make me sweaty and tired but happy (hey, hey no dirty thoughts allowed here ok? LOL)

Goal(s): Besides a return trip to Red Rock Canyon I need to go back to Sparkpeople.com and start recording my calories again. Apart from that I need to start working on my core. I feel like my posture is suffering. My back is starting to hurt again. Work has been long so far this week (I've been working since this weekend so Monday is like my Wednesday) and I need a massage. I'm also planning to finally order my new swimsuit.

I wanted to wait until I reached the 200 lbs mark but this suit is ridiculously stretched and loose. It feels like I'm wearing a flowing gown when I'm swimming. Not cool.

I'll post a couple more pictures of my trip to Red Rock later this week. Have a great week everyone!


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Raegun said...

Yes - take the Stylish blogger award. You have earned it! :)