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Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm lucky; I was born Fat.

Going through the motions of weight loss and meeting people going through similar journeys and I wonder, am I at an advantage for never having been skinny in the first place?

It seems to me that it is a lot more stressful and frustrating for people who want to "return to the high school weight" or go back to being fit like when they "played so and so sport" etc..

It's something they had and they lost. Probably for a variety of reasons:
They had a super fast metabolism growing up and never had to worry about what they ate... until now.
They were always active kids and then when they slowed down the pounds caught up with them.
They injured themselves and couldn't move or eat the way they needed.

etc etc..

I never had these problems (or experiences). I never have to worry about wanting to go back to the "high school weight" since I weighed 230 lbs in high school. I never joined a sport and because I'm the most cautious person in.the.world (makes me the slowest hiker in history probably) I --knock on wood-- haven't had any major injuries that disabled me from moving (except of course morbid obesity and lack of motivation.. but anyway).

I've never been thin. No, I don't think me being a normal 7 year old counts since I started gaining weight when I was 9.

I guess it's one of those "you don't miss what you've never had" sort of things.

Now that isn't to say that I'm in anyway better or a step forward from people who were once fit and now have to struggle to return to where they were (or settle that they won't ever reach the same fitness level they once had) because I've allowed myself to go downhill for so long I now suffer from multiple health problems and chances are a few muscle and posture problems a chiropractor would love to get their hands on.

I've missed out on opportunities and lost a large sense of self esteem and confidence. No, I wouldn't wish my old life on anyone. But I admit I'm glad I don't have to worry about stressing over a body I once had and lost.

I'm at the point in my weight where I've never been before. It only gets better (and lighter) from here. This is all new to me. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm determined to continue until I reach my goal weight and then some.

I wonder though, does the knowledge that you were once fit and happy make it harder to get back to that weight? Or does it motivate you knowing you were there once and could make it there again?

I don't know.

Always pensive,

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Christine said...

No. I was fit for about 6 months. It gave me something to hold on to. I did remember what it was like to be fit and healthy...so I knew I wanted it. But it had been so long that the memories were really fading except for one especially vivid dream. You do have an advantage that you can really enjoy your progress because you aren't always measuring it against 'remember when'. But as for a fitness level I once was. I am there. And I intend to pass it.
like jack lalanne used to say 'age ain't nothing but a number.
keep on going. It only gets better from here.