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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apologies: I've Been AWOL

Hello Everyone,

Ok so I was supposed to post about my epic adventures last week. As well as a Weigh In and post my August weight. But I haven't.

All I could say is that I had (and am having) a bit of an emotional, off the wagon, mini break down these last couple of days and, in all honesty, I'm too ashamed to post my weight after what I did (a binge or two) or why I did it (mainly because I'm not really sure myself.)

This is really putting in to perspective how much I still have to learn about my emotional response to food, my subconscious sabotaging, and figuring out what exactly is wrong.

In all honesty I don't really know. I overall feel fine but a little bit empty. My creativity is a bit dry and I don't feel as lively or passionate as I used to be. This isn't to say I'm sad or depressed. I've been very happy for the most part.

But something is missing. And my old stand by of not dealing with it by shoving food down my throat is coming out.

I really need to reflect and work on me right now. I'll try to make up for going AWOL by posting pictures of my epic adventures last week but I think I'll give myself a break and NOT post my August weigh in. For now.

I will figure this out. Thanks for sticking with me. You have no idea how your comments and support have led me this far.



midlife_swimmer said...

sorry you are having a tough time. Its good that you are reflecting and being honest with yourself.

Lou said...

Hang in there! Takes huge guts to still post and not hide away. Hope you figure out a little more of what's kicking your mojo. Hugs!