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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weigh In: Saying Goodbye to Catalina Island

I know it's late. I'm really trying to keep on top of everything and this blog is no exception. Little efforts are what really matter. So here I am. Late but here. Let's do this!

Current Weight: 207.0 lbs (I had to use a different scale so this is the most accurate I could get.)

Work Out Achievement(s): I should really change the title of this section to "Reflections" shouldn't I? LOL It really ends up being more about reflections than achievements. Last week was my last work day in Catalina Island. From there I spent the rest of the week kicking back and chilling on the island before finally going home. I got home Sunday night and I DID weigh myself yesterday with the house scale.

One of the last real work outs I did on the island was a final hike up Hermit Gulch trail. I've mentioned this hike before. 1.7 miles uphill until reaching the ridge. I started the hike in the early evening after the heat of the day went down. Once up the ridge I decided to go up a pseudo trail and planted my self in a position to watch the sunset. It was a clear day with just enough clouds to make an effect. I could see San Clemente island more clearly than I'd ever seen.

View from where I was laying down to watch the "show". LOL

Absolutely beautiful. I was surrounded by white sage also so the wonderful smell and the fantastic view was the treat I gave myself to say goodbye to the island. At that time of day no one was up there (not that there's a lot of traffic anyway) and the peacefulness was pure bliss.

However, once the show was nearing it's wonderful finale I realized I was wearing my prescription sunglasses, a sleeveless shirt, and no head lamp. Although the biggest land predator is a small fox I didn't feel comfortable being found in the middle of a pseudo trail at night so I literally ran, skid, and jumped my way back down the hill to make it out of the trail before dusk ended. LOL.

It was a great little adventure. I never tire of these little ventures and I hope I continue to have more as time passes. I would never have done anything like this before my weight loss journey. I wouldn't have even fathomed the idea of hiking up a 2 mile hill in the first place, believing I simply couldn't do it so why even think about it. Oh how things have changed.

I'm home now and I have to worry again about my binge eating the second I come home. I've already started and in order to stop myself today I left the house and went to the closest book store. I spent some time reading up on how to reading body language (two of my favorite hobbies is learning about body language and analyzing peoples handwriting. LOL) and staying away from the coffee shops baked goods section.

Before I left I bought a new, shiny lime green (<---my favorite color) journal. I decided that I'm going to write my thoughts down every time I start noticing myself head for the fridge when I'm not hungry. Understanding what my feelings are is the first step to understanding why and when I use food to fix my emotions. Right? A part from that for the last few mornings I've been going to the local high school with my mom and walking the school track before she has to go to work. It's pretty mellow but it's a great start to the day and I know that the pace we go, although slow for me, is challenging to my mom and I've been wanting to spend some active time with my mom. It's been a great time to talk and catch up. I'm rarely home so this is some nice quality time. Baby steps right? I need to start making/re-making good habits. I can do this!!

Goal(s): I'm still trying to keep up drinking sufficient water a day and being active at least 30 minutes a day. From there I'm adding writing in my new journal once a day (at least) and getting my affairs together before starting my new job/adventure.

Wish me luck. This can be done!


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"KT" said...

That hike sounds amazing! I went hiking at a local place not too long ago and thought the same thing- never would have even tried it when I was heavier. It's really incredible what cool things are out there when you let yourself try them. :)