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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weigh In: Fun Food Filled Week

Last week ended up being one of the most eventful and fun weeks I've had all summer, heck all year. My birthday week is what I call it. There was much celebration and tons and tons of food. So I was not surprised, and shamelessly I was not very regretful when I saw the scale this morning and saw the scary number.

Current Weight: 206.4 lbs (+3.6 lbs since last week)

Work Out Achievement(s): Looking at that number you would think I spent all last week sitting in a couch eating pizza and watching movies. But oh contraire! It was very action packed! It's just that the consumption overpowered the burning of calories and for that I have no excuses.

We left off last week. Me coming back from Mexico trying to figure my junk out. I jogged that day.

On Tuesday we spent the whole day cleaning out our house on the western side of the island. Never to see the place again (or so I thought). The second we get back we spend the whole night working on our final presentation that we have to present to the board of the Conservancy the following morning. Let's just say a work out was nowhere to be seen and stress eating ensued.

Wednesday was my birthday! I couldn't really think it was my birthday until the presentation was over. Thankfully it went off without a hitch and celebration ensued. So. Much. FOOD! My roommates made homemade pizza dough and we made home made pizzas.

The girls kicked me out at some point telling me they needed to decorate the house before the party so I went for a an hour and a half walk/hike. When I came back the place was covered in streamers, the guests were here and the vegetables for the pizzas were being chopped. A part from that there were cookies, meatballs, a fruit tart as my birthday cake and I can't remember what else.

Over all an epic night.

On Thursday we had another celebration. Our boss is part of a band and he rented space at a local bar, had a potluck, started jamming and called it our goodbye party. Pretty emotional and a ton of fun. A local bought us a cake

and I tried my hardest to stay away from the food tables (yes, tables. As in plural.) Earlier that day I did the "Garden to Sky" hike (1 mile up hill. Took about 45 minutes to do) to try and make myself feel better over Wednesdays craziness. But I don't know how much it helped after Thursdays goodbye party.

On Friday I took a break and got down to work on the final paper and cleaning the house up after the mess we had during the week. I don't remember doing any work outs either. Our roommate created the most amazing dinner for us. Egg plant Parmesan over a garlic red sauce, with spaghetti and butter baked green beans. So delicious!

To top it off we went to "town" and had a very fancy dessert with a dessert wine. I finally found a wine I liked! We all shared our desserts and had a fantastic, chill night.

On Saturday my friends from the mainland came! Yay! I was so excited to meet them from the ferry and they came on the first ferry of the day too so we had a full day ahead of us. I ended up eating a HUGE breakfast burrito that lasted me most of the day and I took my pals hiking on the west end of the island (so much for never seeing the place again, like I thought on Monday). We went up the ridge and I made them do this crazy 4 mile loop. Let's just say it was good there's a breeze on that side of the island because we were beat. We spent some time at the beach to relax.

That night was a very special dinner, because this was the night we decided to cook the venison we had in the freezer! One of my roommates has a boyfriend from Alaska who came down to visit and left us with a package of Black Tail deer meat. Not only that but one of our friends from the island is a bow hunter and he recently got a resident Mule Deer and donated some of the meat to us!
I'd never had venison (that I could remember) so I was very excited to try it. Not only that but one of the girls made Cauliflower mashed potatoes (I've always wanted to try that!)Topped with a salad and dinner was ready!

From Left to Right: Salad, Cauliflower mashed "potatoes" black tail deer, mule deer.

The meat was amazing and tender. The mashed cauliflower was out of this world and the salad was refreshing. Over all an amazing night.

Sunday was the last day for one of our roommates so we all had a huge breakfast at the Pancake Cottage. Talk about huge sweet breakfast! I had buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and whip cream.

I personally dropped off my roommate to the ferry. I must have gotten emotional after saying goodbye because before I knew it I had a cup of strawberry ice cream in my hand and a bag of chocolate covered nuts in the other. I threw away half the ice cream and by the end of the night I threw away the bag of chocolate, not before consuming half the bag though. Talk about obvious emotional eating. The only exercise I did that night was walking around and that's not much of anything at all.

Then came yesterday, Monday . (I actually started this post yesterday but got completely consumed by work). Spent the whole day working on the final paper up until past 10pm. Ended up mindlessly eating whatever I could find. The only exercise I got was waking up early and climbing the 137 steps to the Wrigley Memorial in the morning (my favorite building in the entire island) and doing some stretches.

Then came today, Tuesday. The final full day all of us (me and my co-workers) will be in the island together. We're currently packing and planning everything. I decided to stay on the island for the rest of the week and reflect on life. LOL.

I'm trying to keep my emotions in check and stay away from the fridge. These girls cook and bake so amazingly I have a hard time avoiding the smells of banana nut muffins, cookies and cooked veggies. I need some sort of work out today too. But the day isn't over. I'll find something to do.

So amazing. Such an amazing group of people, and such an amazing time on Catalina.

Goal(s): Birthday week is over. No more celebrations and turning a blind eye to the amount or type of food I've been consuming. Work is also over so I don't have the excuse that I'm "too busy" to work out. I'm going to spend the rest of my time in Catalina to work on me and work on getting myself back on track. Although I don't regret a thing I did last week, the scale shows the results of my "break" and I can't allow that to continue. Time to get back to it and keep going. Vacation is over. Time to get back to work. Time to get back to working on my health.

Time to transition again. Wish me luck!


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