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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking the "Hermit" mold.

Work is over. Yesterday we cleaned out and cleared out the house. I took everyone to the ferry and was left alone in Catalina for a few days. I decided to stay in Catalina for a few days just to be on my own and have some "me" time.

After I dropped off everyone I still had work to do. I went back and mopped the house, washed the car and laundered some sheets. Little errands we still needed to do but ran out of time together, so I decided to do it myself since I was going to be here.

Then I finished. Stared at the empty spotless house. I didn't know what to do with myself. So I moved all my stuff to the empty room and, after a second, did a second purge of the fridge.. getting rid of temptations.

That didn't take up nearly enough time.

So I sat down and went to netflix. After looking through the selection I found the first season of Ugly Betty

I've always been a fan of America Ferrera, and hell let's face it, I'm a complete sucker for an ugly duckling turned professional woman story, especially if she's latina, curvy, has glasses and bad hair. I mean, what else can I say! LOL

Thing is before I knew it it was dark outside, I was in episode 5 (each episode is about 45 minutes long eeek!), and I had unconsciously been eating my way through a loaf of sourdough bread. This reads old fat Elina all over it!

To make myself feel better, I switched the last episode to a beginners pilates video and attempted the moves. It didn't feel very much like a work out and more like advance stretching but meh at least I did something right?

This morning I woke up, made breakfast and before I knew it I was watching Ugly Betty again until maybe 11 a.m. I suddenly opened my eyes and CRACK! I had it.

I got up, and literally yelled at myself;

"What are you doing?! You're alone in a gorgeous house in the middle of CATALINA ISLAND and what are you doing? Stuffing yourself with toast and watching Ugling F***ing Betty! Get off your ass nina!"

So I did. I went to the cupboard, threw away the rest of the sourdough bread. Grabbed the keys to the Nissan X-terra I had to return to the office anyway and on the spot decided I was going to rent a bike in town.

I dropped off the car and the wonderful people at the office told me who to talk to at the Bike Shop so I could get a discount. Now the house is one mile from town so I was ready to walk down (it's downhill to get to town) but just as I started to walk one of the ladies from the office offered me a ride. I took it.

I got dropped off and went straight to the bike shop. I asked for an "islander discount" and got it. Hehehe. I also decided to try an electric bike and boy am I glad I did!

This island is full of hills. It reminds me of a compact San Francisco. I haven't ridden a bike in years so I was worried. I started riding it normal. But then came the first uphill climb and I didn't make it. I had to push it up the hill. That's when I experimented with the electric button. It's pretty much like having a motor! How awesome! So I decided to turn it on each time a new hill came up and used it to support my pedaling.

I made it up some awesome hills and saw some great views of town, not to mention I had a ton of fun riding down the hills and trying not to trip on a rock or something and send myself flying. LOL

After an hour of fun I returned the bike and decided to head back to the house to grab the golf cart and then get groceries. I admit my legs were a little tired and I was dreading walking up the hill, so I got the brilliant idea to take the trolley up!

Now as a guide to the city the whole summer, I had advised countless tourists to take the trolley up the hill if they didn't (or couldn't) walk up but had never taken the trolley myself. Since I saved money on my "islander discount" I decided to use my change on a trolley ride.

I giggled the whole way up calling myself a tourist in the town I've grown to think of as my "summer home". LOL

After I got back I felt so much better that I decided to take it up a notch and do something productive. So I decided to make a few due phone calls. Went to town got my groceries, looked up a couple of recipes and had a sensible lunch.

After that I felt it was "ok" to sit down and watch a little more Ugly Betty (yes I never learn) while I filled out paperwork and etc.

Right around dinner time I felt guilty again. So as I pre-heated the oven I decided that I was going to go jogging while I waited for my sweet potato to bake. I haven't been jogging in weeks I realized so I promised myself I would.

And I did. It was slow. It was hard. I actually got a pain on my side and tight calves like I did in high school when I didn't know what the hell I was doing. But I did it. I jogged down and up that hill. I finished it, just in time to check on the oven.

Now it's time for dinner. Baked salmon with sweet potato fries and possibly steamed spinach. And you know what guys? That felt so much better than sitting on my ass all day feeling sorry for myself and eating toast while watching another Ugly duckling reach for swan-ness.

I broke the old hermit mold that was trying to grow back around me. I now have to keep it up.

Keep it up.


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