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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Non-Non Weigh In

I'm going to say it right now; I clocked out last week. I did not count calories. I did not notice my water in take and I did not pay attention to my activities (minus Monday where I ran 6 miles for the first time!)

Why did I clock out? Multiple reasons like:  There were two weddings, one chocolate filled holiday, a family reunion, job interviews and a snow covered week.

Does that mean that I just went crazy and binged like mad? Did I sleep all day and say "good riddance" to exercise?


I didn't get much of a chance to run last week like I had planned because it snowed and stormed a bit. Now if you've been reading this blog for a little while you will remember that I'm a Southern Californian and me and snow are rare acquaintances. I am not comfortable in it and I don't think it likes me very much.

I didn't over eat often (though I did indulge in more chocolate than I should.) And I tried to keep active despite not being able to go outside most of the week. Although I've been horrible when it comes to strength training.

Because of all the events that were happening and the bit of stress (not that much, but enough) I knew that I would go crazy worrying about every. little. thing I did or didn't do.

So to keep my sanity, I said "Not this week."

Does that mean I'm not going to count or keep track anymore? No. I'm still here. I'm back to schedule this week.

I will be counting again this week and I'm going to FINALLY start training for my 10k full force.

I want this lazy feeling to go away.

Let's make sure this week is better.

Good luck to all!


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