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Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Non-Weigh In

My computer is in the shop so this update will be short and interesting since its coming from my phone. The week started off in a bit of shambles but got better toward the end. 

 Hips: 47.5 (-1.25 in) 
Waist: 45.5 (+0.25 in) 
Arm: 14.5 (-0.25 in) 
Thigh: 26.5 (+0.5 in) 
Calf: 16.5 (-0.5 in ) 

Now this week my measurements are all over the place. I suppose if I had taken measurements last week this would make more sense however I am happy to see a remarkable loss in the hip area which is the hardest to get rid of.

Achievement(s): Because I don't have all the data on me I'm going to have to guess on most of these but here goes.

Water: about 5/7 days.

Calories:  I was off in never land the first two days last week but I finally got back to it. Here it is.

Mon: ?
Tues: ?
Wed: 1600+
Thurs:  1795
Fri: 2035
Sat: 1925
Sun: 1795

Although I'm still unable to stay under my calorie limit I'm at least trying to stay under 2000 calories a day and over all this seemed successful.

Strength Training: I was actually able to get some arm work and some good crunches in twice last week which is better than the last couple of weeks.

Cardio: I honestly can't remember a lot of the things that I did for cardio last week but here we go

Mon: 4 mile run
Tues: ?
Wed: -
Thurs: 2 mile run
Fri: 4 mile hike and 2 mile jog
Sat: 6 mile hike
Sun: 20 minute hike

Besides Tuesday where I honestly cannot remember what I did that day the rest of the week was spent hiking with some running mixed in.

I still need to make more of an effort to run more and longer distances. I have less than a month before my 10k and I'm starting to freak out... which brings us to:

Goals: My goals this week are to run more. The weather is starting to get snowy again so I have to make more of an effort to go outside despite the cold winds, and wet and slipperiness. From there I need to make a specific chart for my water in take since most of it is just me guessing how much water I have left in my nalgene at the end of the day. From there I need to incorporate more stretching and be vigilant about my strength training.

Hiking was awesome last week and I will post new pictures when I get a chance. For now goodnight because today has been a looooooong day.


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