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Monday, February 13, 2012

Non-Weigh In/ An epic race and familiar faces

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I've had a long eventful week, and at the same time a very lazy week. My numbers show that pretty well this morning.


Hips: 48.75 inches (+0.25 inches)
Waist: 45.25 inches (+0.25 inches)
Arm: 14.75 inches (same)
Thigh: 26 inches (same)
Calf: 17 inches (+0.5 inches)

I am sadly  not surprised at these numbers though I had hoped to maintain just a little more this week.


Achievement(s): Last week was very lazy food and exercise wise and yet it was very eventful otherwise. My results show that.

Water: I drank over 50 oz of water about 4/7 days the rest of the time I drank enough but I found myself pretty dehydrated.

Calories: I stopped and re-started counting throughout the week, although I tried my best to stay away from grains and try more paleo friendly varieties. I'm trying to slowly wean myself and it's going.. well slowly.

Monday: 1690
Tuesday: 1950
Wednesday: ?
Thursday: 2038
Friday: 1958
Saturday: ?
Sunday: 1683

Although it may seem like I didn't do too badly, the type of food I was eating, and the little things I might have added the days I didn't count pretty much added up. Gotta be more accountable.

Strength Training: The main strength training I might have done is using my muscles on Monday when I finally climbed our climbing tower. It was an amazing day and I definitely felt some muscles I didn't even knew I had. Other than that, on Saturday I decided to walk over to our archery range and practice my form. Let's just say I need a lot of work but it's not bad. My arms however really felt the pull I was giving them. LOL

Cardio: Lazy, lazy week. Most of the cardio I ended up getting was part of work, and very little was on my own.

Monday: I climbed a 60 foot tower.
Tuesday: Short uphill hike
Wednesday: -
Thursday: 3 mile hike and 30 minutes of cardio dancing
Friday: 3.1 mile jog and 1.5 hours of dancing
Saturday: 1 mile hike
Sunday: 2 mile fast walk

On Monday and Tuesday I was still tight and sore from the epic hike I had the weekend before. It limited my activities tremendously. On Wednesday, although no longer sore I had grown accustomed to being lazy and didn't end up doing anything. On Thursday we ended up having our long hike we have with the kids and it felt great. On Friday I FINALLY got off my ass and decided to go for a jog. It was slow and unsteady but it was done and I was glad I did it.

On Saturday I was lazy again but got up long enough to accompany my co-worker to do some trail blazing. He would bring the big loppers and cut branches from an old hiking trail we have near our camp. My job would be to follow him and get rid of all those cut branches. After a while I developed a nice tossing form. We ended up staying out until about dusk and had to figure out how to get off the hill, without a trail, in the dark. Nice!
On Sunday, oh Sunday, my co-workers had a race in Palm Springs. They were a relay team and it was awesome. I was not part of the relay team but I instantly assigned myself to be the cheerleader/ support group.

We got there right before 7 a.m. The start was there and there were tons and tons of people.

My co-worker who started the race was so fast I didn't get a chance to take a picture of him as he rode off so instead I took a picture of the giant troop of people going around the corner after the start. Crazy!

After the first relay tag exchange I suddenly see someone else zoom by that I recognize. "David, it's David!" An old family friend. I instantly call his wife and she's in Palm Springs too! Just around the corner from me. So I literally RUN to where she is and end up catching up with her as she helps the racers hydrate  in one of the water stations.
small world!

After running around like crazy the race ends and my co-workers won in their division! We wait and lounge in the grass while we wait to receive their first place prize. Here the overall male winner and female winner of the half marathon shake hands. What amazing people!

Although I wasn't running in this race, just being around this event, and meeting people, cheering and running in to old friends (who are an inspiration themselves) really got me pumped up. I will never regret getting off my ass and allowing myself to enter this world. I really love it. I love how happy people seem despite how tired they are. I love seeing how active people are, how healthy people look and how they bring their families with them. I love looking at all the different ages, sizes, and types of people at these events. I get a kick of their outfits and love it when they run with their baby strollers. It's amazing.

Now I have to start training so I can join in the next race; which brings us to....

Goals:  It's time to stop lazying around. I'm going to get stricter in my diet and start training for my 10k in March. I have never run that far. I want to start getting used to it and not kill myself during the race. When I talked to my old friend she reminded me of something, "It's not about the time or winning, it's about having fun and going for it." I completely agree. So I won't be worried about how fast or slow I am. I just want to run in this race and do a good job. I can do this! I have to start now... especially because I really want to do a half marathon in May. LOL

Have a great week!


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Nanette said...

That's so cool that you ran into old friends! :) Good luck with your activities this week. Keep posting the pics! I love them! :)