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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Time for..February Weigh In!

It is currently still dark outside. I woke up a minute ago and inhaled deeply knowing that today was the infamous Weigh In. So I climbed to the top of my closet-desk-thing, took down my scale, stripped down and stepped on.
Time to beat the weight like I beat this mtn peak this Monday!

Here are the results:

January 2012 Weigh In: 224.6
February 1st Weigh In: 219.4

That's a loss of 5.2 lbs in one month. Looking at that number I'm incredibly pleased but I know I also have to work harder. My 'slips' in calorie counts and my procrastination with strength training need to stop. I'm serious about training so that I can run/walk a marathon and enter a triathlon this year so I have to get cracking. I also finally re-cracked open my Paleo Diet book.

It's time to get more focused.

Thank you for all your wonderful support. Let's make this month the best yet!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats, great weigh in!