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Monday, January 30, 2012

Non-Weigh In

Happy Monday! I hope you're weekend was awesome and your Monday tolerable. I just finished filing my taxes online and I'm completely over it. Thank goodness for direct deposit so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Now to the chase. Here are the results for last week.


Hips: 49 inches (same)
Waist: 45.25 inches (same)
Arm: 14.75 inches (same)
Thigh: 26.75 inches (same)
Calf: 16.75 inches (same)

So over all there wasn't much of a change. That's fine with me since I ate the worst food this weekend. It was balanced out by my awesome 5k! But nonetheless my calorie in take was so bad I'm just happy I maintained this week.



My goals for this week were; to continue drinking up to 64 oz a day, keep a calorie count around 1520, cardio  around 3x a week and strength training 4x a week. My new goal was NOT to eat after 8pm. For the most part I kept my goals but they were pretty mediocre over all.

Water: I probably drank enough water 5/7 days.

Calories: I'm kind of disappointed in myself. I would have thought I'd get better at keeping my calorie limit with my new "Don't eat after 8pm" rule but I still need to work out the kinks.

Monday: 1471
Tuesday: 2398
Wednesday: unknown
Thursday: 1612
Friday: 2024
Saturday: 2180
Sunday: 2218

So every day for the most part I went over my calorie range and over 2000. On Wednesday I forgot to count. On the weekend I ended up doing ok until I went to L.A. to get ready for my race. I ended up eating an In N Out cheeseburger and shake. On Saturday I tried a lot of protein bar samples after the race, ate Japanese food for lunch and pizza for dinner. On Sunday I ended up grazing all day. I wasn't satisfied with anything I ate and I started doing the horrible habit of grabbing something, eating it, forgetting I snacked and doing it again. Bad, bad habits.

Strength Training: Also not too well this week. I managed to work out a bit 2/7 days. I haven't been following my training with You are Your Own Gym and I need to get back to it this week.

Cardio: This I did great on. I was able to jog some of my quickest 2 mile stretches. Here it is.

Monday: -
Tuesday: 2 mile jog
Wednesday: 4 hour hike
Thursday: 2 mile jog
Friday: stretching
Saturday: 5k race!
Sunday: random bicycle riding

All of my work outs turned out really good but out of all of that I had my 5k this Saturday! It was great and I did my best time yet.

Goal(s): So this week was a bit off but followed with a great event. I need to get back to a daily routine. I need to make sure to follow my food and water goals. I also need to make sure I LOG them. A lot of my problems last week was that I kept forgetting to log a lot of things down, so I wasn't sure exactly how much water I drank, or the last time I did lunges. This week is just to keep it up. Keep it up.

I realized today that I live with a great group of very inspiring, athletic, happy, healthy people. I need to embrace and utilize that.  My new goal this week is to do just that; allow the people around me to inspire me and motivate me to do my best.

My main goal for this year (a part from reaching weight goal finally) is to be able to run a marathon and/or be part of a triathlon. That means training. That means commitment. That means dedication and discipline.

I know I can do this. I just have to take it one day at a time. Do any of you have any suggestions for marathons and/or triathlons.

I'm already planning on signing up for my next race this spring. There's a 10k in late March that is catching my eye. Once my tax return shows up I'll be able to sign up for it. I can't wait!

Good luck this week everyone!


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