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Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to Work!

It's Back to Work time! I mean that literally and figuratively since three days ago I returned to the mountain and instantly proceeded to start Winter/Spring training for the next season. I also mean it's "back to work" time because I'm in full swing with my new plan.  (Which should be called my old plan renewed but alas I digress).

If you remember I've decided to go back to doing small streaks. Committing to an action whether it's drinking a certain amount of water for a week, counting calories for a week, or doing an exercise program for a week. I've started all three.

I started on Tuesday but in reality I started full swing on Wednesday when I returned to work. Now that I have a smartphone (oh snap Elina is up to date with technology? What is this world coming to?)

My first attempt at taking a picture with my phone and attaching it to the inter-webs

I downloaded this wonderful app called "My Fitness Pal". It's calorie counter is very impressive and has a much simpler system than the one in sparkpeople.com. That and I can carry it with me so I can easily add food I've eaten right there on the table.

I've so far kept my calories under 1500. The main reason it hasn't gone over is for the unfortunate fact that I've had some sort of food poisoning this week and apart from the stomach cramps and occasional dry heaving, the thought of food just wasn't very appealing.

I'm feeling much better now, though the occasional dull pain in my stomach reminds me not to go crazy when I do feel better.

As for water, I've mainly been keeping up my 50-64oz a day due in part again with my stomach problems. The cure for almost any ailment is hydration (in my opinion) so I've been downing water like a fiend! LOL

With exercise I've been following my You are Your Own Gym regimen I started in December. I started over since I kind of abandoned it during the holidays. I've also managed to jog one mile a couple of days ago (I didn't feel comfortable doing anymore when all I really wanted to do is find some pepto, curl up in a ball and fall asleep), and yesterday my co-workers and I went on a nice hike during our training.

The view of Taquitz peak in the San Jacinto mts

Although the hike was at most 2 miles, the up and down trail and keeping up with the nice pace of my co-workers really helped get my heart pumping and my legs moving. It's times like these that I remember why I love hiking, love nature, and love my job. LOL

I've noticed so far that my face is less bloated, and although I haven't checked I don't feel as bloated in general. All is good.

Now I'll do a check in again on Monday; however, I will not be weighing in. I decided, at least for now, NO MORE WEEKLY WEIGH INS!

I've had enough time to know and notice that I let the scale choose my mood. Although I try not to, the number on the scale either defeats me or delights me. I don't want that number to chain me down from my achievements. So for now I will not step on the scale every week. I WILL do a MONTHLY weigh in though. Scale or no this is a weight loss journey and knowing where I am, at least monthly, is still important.

Off to breakfast!



Tricia said...

Smart idea forgoing the scale. I haven't weighed myself since I returned from Kili in May(and then only out of curiosity over how much weight I'd lost during the climb). I don't care what I weigh. I don't receive an award for hitting a certain number. What should really matter is how you feel and how your clothes fit you, imo.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hike, I am jealous!