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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I love running at night.

I love running at night. I didn't realize this until last night when I went for a slow jog around my neighborhood after dinner.

I've always jogged in the morning. It's been my thing where I wake up, stretch, moan and groan, put on my shoes and go outside. After a while, and after attempting to run first thing  after waking up in the morning I realized it wasn't the greatest idea. (Runners might know what I'm talking about here but I'm not going to elaborate.) So a few times and especially recently I've tried running after work/dinner.

Because it's winter it gets dark early so by 5pm it's pitch black in the mountain and it gets chilly. This week has actually been amazing and the weather last night was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit at around 7pm. So I started my 2 mile loop. I had a headlamp with me, not because I needed it, but because I wanted to make sure motorists saw ME. I realized early that I could see just fine with the moon and the few lights of the neighboring houses. Because I live in such a beautiful area I can see the stars, there's hardly any traffic and it's quiet.

Now you may tell me, that's fine and dandy for you Elina but I live in a city. Well I started doing the same thing when I was home. In one of the major streets and over the highway bridge. I still liked it.

The main thing about it is that there are less distractions. Things are calmer, I can't see a lot of color and details and so my eyes don't wander. I can't tell where my next turn is going to be so I don't stress about when I'm going to get there and how slow I'm going. I just jog. I'll get there when I get there. It feels really good.

Last night really drove that home for me. It was my first time jogging that loop since coming back to work. I was worried, knowing how out of shape I am. But with my slow/steady pace it went great and literally before I knew it I was turning my last corner and finishing the last stretch no problem. Thirty minutes of exercise done in a snap. It felt great.

Now the problem is keeping it up. Keeping up my night routines after long days, or cold nights etc when I'm tired and cranky and all I want to do is put my comfy pants on and go to bed. I have to keep that in perspective.

For now I'm happy. I love running at night. Do you?


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Julie said...

If it wasn't so cold I'd enjoy it more and it's not even that I get cold because I dress plent warm it's just sucking in the cold air that bothers me and I can not cover my mouth with a scarf, I just can't.
I do prefer outside over the treadill most of the time. I'm just learning to like to run. It's such a cool feeling.
Take care and have a blessed evening.