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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterdays Hiking Adventure

Yesterday I went on this beautiful 6 mile hike just around the corner of where I live. I knew that there were a ton of trail heads near me but I hadn't had much time felt comfortable going on them without a map or some sort of direction. Since I bought my local hike book I decided to try out this hike. It was a nice overcast day and the trail ended up being this gradual climb (uuhhgg uphill!) but believe me the view at the top was worth it.

The start of the trail. I loved this little rock bridge

After about half a mile I finally reached the switchbacks up the mountain. It was a really gradual climb and not as bad as I first made it sound. This is the view of the valley from halfway up the hill.

When I finally reached the top I was able to see the desert on the other side!

After that I still had about a mile left to go to get to the spring I was headed to. As I walked I suddenly saw large patches of snow, and it reminded me that yes, it is winter isn't it? LOL

When I finally got to the spring there wasn't much water yet (it's supposed to rain tonight so I guess I should have waited huh?) but I was thrilled to find this little frozen stream. Hilarious!

Running in to two gentlemen on the way back we talked about the lack of water on the spring and how beautiful everything was. I love running in to people like that. When I reached the peak again I took this picture.

before heading back down and finishing the morning feeling great.

Isn't nature fun!



Amber said...

What a beautiful hike! I love the stone bridge. I know I lose my blogging mojo every once and a while. Life is busy and it is hard to keep up with everything.

Have a great week!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Those are awesome pics. I wanna go on some hikes real soon also. Glad you enjoyed yourself.