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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Weigh In and Plan

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic celebration ringing in the New Year. I had a nice time with my family. Now it's January 1st and it's time for celebrations to end and to get back to work.

I admit I've been almost completely off track this last week and a half. My few work outs here and there could not compensate for the amount of food (and the type of food) I have been consuming during the holidays. To add to that I've been completely idle, laying around the house, doing some spring cleaning, laying around some more. I've been feeling bloated and sick. So when I finally weighed myself early this morning the number on the scale didn't shock me that much (the evidence was in the mirror) but it didn't stop me from having a mini-break down and almost crying myself back to sleep as I intentionally hid back in to the covers.

Current Weight: 224.6 lbs ( +9.8 lbs in 12 days)

Binge eating doesn't begin to explain what I've been doing. But it never ceases to amaze me how I can gain such a large amount of weight in such little time. That means that I gained almost a pound a day. That's amazing. Horrible, yet truly amazing.

Well vacation and gluttony is over. In a couple of days I'm going to be heading back up the mountain and I already started my new plan and my new goals.

The Main Goal for the Year:

My main goal for this year (besides finally getting to goal weight and I'm not kidding this time) is being able to walk a marathon and (if possible) try a triathlon. That means training. That means commitment and signing up for races. That means getting on a bike (which I haven't done in years) and figuring that out again.

Well guess what I've already started! I signed up for a 5k! It's for the last weekend of January! Eeek! So I need to really start training more.

I started last week already. I probably ran 5k's every other day last week. I've been pretty slow. Since I hadn't really jogged since November I knew that was going to happen. I'm pretty confident that I'll be ok for this 5k.

From there I plan to save money and head back to Catalina Island this spring to finish the Trans Catalina trail. It's over 15 miles and it's pretty steep for most of it. So I'm also planning on hiking a ton to get prepared for the Trans Cat.

Now the main thing is food. It's always about the food. So I finally decided to buy The Paleo Diet book by Loren Cordain. I keep talking and mentioning that I want to work on my diet and Paleo has caught my attention for a long time now. Fortunately, thanks to a couple of wonderful people I've gotten more resources to learning about the diet and life changes.

To help me with my hiking I bought a local hiker guide book to get the most out of my wanderings:

and to keep me motivated I happily bought the awesome Sean Anderson's new book Transformation Road

I'm really excited about this book and hope to have a good read if not have a new inspirational tool.

I ordered all books to my address in the mountain and hopefully the books will be waiting for me when I get back to work.

Now how am I going to achieve all of this without burning out and giving up? Small steps and commitment.

The Small-yet-Big Goals

Looking back at my past successes it's always been the really small steps that have helped me out. Making small streaks and doing things where you go "a little farther" every day is what's helped me get this far. Discarding that is what's gotten me to re-gain.

So although I have these big plans I'm starting small. I'm going to focus on one thing at a time.

My first streak is going to be jogging/walking daily. I'm going to attempt to do that for a week.

Another streak is going to be finishing my 64 oz water bottle everyday. Whether I drink more water than that is fine but finishing that water bottle will be enough for now.

The last initial streak I'll try is eating less grains. If I can try to eat as little grains as possible for each meal for a week that will be enough for now.

A little goes a long way!

So that's it. I have high hopes for 2012. It all depends on how determined and disciplined I can be. This is it. I can do this! And I KNOW you can too.

Let's start the year off right.



Debby said...

OH I cant wait to hear all about Seans book!! I want to read it so bad, but dont have the cash right now!! Let us know what you think! I sure miss him, now that he doesnt blog every day

Victoria said...

You are so amazing and give me so much hope & motivation! I'm sending positive energy your way! <3 you! *e-hugs*

Anonymous said...

You can do it! I'm rooting for you...^_^....
I meant to respond to your previous post but my mind wandered......
We exist in a toxic food shed in which what we call food is not recognized by our bodies as nourishment. We are told to eat certain ways for health, yet those practices lead to metabolic syndrome which leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
We live in a consumer society that requires us to feel "bad" about ourselves so we will be compelled to consume. We are constantly being told that if we only did this, if we bought that, then all will be good in the world. And if we aren't perfect, then it is our fault. But this is not true. It is the power of truth, and the acting upon that truth that will allow us to feel good about ourselves.
The reason you gained weight recently isn't because you are a lazy glutton. You are too delightful and cute for such behaviour. It is because weight gain is one of your body's responses to being poisoned by edible substances promoted and endorsed by the culture we live in.
May I boldly suggest the next time you want to emotionally beat the crap out of yourself, take that energy and use it to find out the truth about why something didn't work. Recognizing that a certain behaviour/choice didn't bring forth the expected results using the prescribed methodology is good motivation to discover what will work for you (N=1).
As for Paleo (also known as the Primal Template), you will need to find your own way. Read, listen to podcasts, experiment, have self-compassion. If anyone says there is only one way to do paleo, they don't have your well-being at heart, as the community emphatically preaches N=1. Each of us has different nutrient/exercise requirements. There is no "one-method works for all" in this community.
One of the reasons I was drawn to paleo/primal, is its practice returns the power and control back to the individual. Instead of following, I am leading! I haven't failed in anything I have set out to do. If I didn't get the results I thought I would, I gained knowledge. If I did get the results, I gained knowledge and results! Its win-win.
Your 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting journey of self-discovery. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Maybe share one or two of mine with you. Have Fun!...Tree

Nanette said...

i love the small goal/streaks idea. I've been seeing that on a lot of blogs lately. So I'm trying it out too! Time to get set for the 5k! Time to get prepped for a marathon. You are ambitious and have WONDERFUL GOALS!

Anonymous said...

10 pounds in 12 days = Ouch! Get your focus back. I like your goals for 2012. Happy New Year!