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Monday, January 16, 2012

Non-Weigh In

Happy Monday everyone!

Although I spent most of the day online I didn't get a chance to make this entry until now. But I am here! And after my multiple entries yesterday I feel better about my blogging progress. So let's start.


Hips: 49 inches (same)
Waist: 45 inches (+1 inch)
Arm: 14.75 inches (-0.75 inch)
Thigh: 27 inches (-1 inch)
Calf: 16.75 inches (-1.25 inches)

So I'm pretty surprised at my measurement results partly because there's an added inch to my waist while at the same time there's a considerable loss in the rest of my body. Overall not a bad result for one week!

My goals for this week were to continue drinking up to 64 oz of water a day, stay within my calorie limit of 1520 calories, do more strenuous hikes and run 4 miles in the week. This week was not that great but I still managed to complete most of my goals.

Water: I managed to drink up to 50 oz maybe 4 out of 7 days last week. I definitely felt dehydrated more often than I was comfortable.

Calories: My calorie range is 1520. I absolutely failed that this week. Here are the (non)results:

Monday: 1578
Tuesday: 1803
Wednesday: 2000+
Thursday: 2000+
Friday: 2000+
Saturday: 2352
Sunday: 1961

So in reality I started going off wagon in the middle of the week and didn't even track on Wed-Fri though I'm sure it was way over 2000 calories each day. On the weekend I mentally slapped myself and started tracking again but I still continued to "over snack" and ended up much higher than the calorie limit.

Time to try again this week.

Strength Training: 3 out of 4 days not bad although one of those days was working with the climbing wall at work which is an arm work out in of itself.

Cardio: Although I had done a hike the day before I still managed to go for a short run on Monday.

Monday: 1.3 miles
Tuesday: 2 miles
Wednesday: 3.3 mile hike
Thursday: -
Friday: 2 miles
Saturday: 6 mile hike
Sunday: 4 miles

So although I was being a lazy bum on my calorie counting I was still able to get quite a bit of cardio in.

The goal for this week is to continue the water in take. Try being more strict with my calories and try my hardest to keep it at 1520 calories if not lower. I need to be more accountable with strength training and I need to make sure I continue jogging. Race day is less than two weeks away (yikes!) I need to make sure that I'm ready. I don't have to be fast but I need to make sure I'm not going to hurt myself or get too winded or something.

Wish me luck and good luck this week!


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