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Monday, December 10, 2012

When you can't believe weight loss is happening...

I weighed myself this morning and the scale said
Current Weight: 212.4 lbs

Now that's awesome and if I can lose one more pound I'll be back to the 40 pound loss mark. I haven't been there in months! But I can't seem to believe it. I look at myself in the mirror and if I look hard enough I can see that my face isn't puffier and my clothes seem to fit nicely enough. Yet, I still can't seem to believe the scale.

I didn't feel satisfied with the number so I brought out the tape measure. It said:
Hips: 47.5 inches
Waist: 40 inches
Chest: 46 inches

I lost 0.5 inches on my hips and 1-2 inches on my waist.

So things are going well. Yet, I can't feel satisfied. I don't feel the loss. I'm happy but I somehow keep feeling like it's a fluke. Maybe I've been stuck in this plateau for so long that weight loss seems like a fantasy.

I'm going to continue watching my food intake and exercise. Keep it simple and see if this fluke luck continues. Who knows, maybe I will get under 210 lbs by January.

*Looks around suspiciously* Could this be true?

Cautiously enthusiastic

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Christine said...

fantastic...but don't think about it too hard...just keep moving forward.