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Monday, May 20, 2013

I made it up the mountains. Now I need..no, want.. well, need a Road Bike!

I've made it to my new home for the rest of the summer and fall. I'm back in my beloved Eastern Sierra mountains. I drove up yesterday and started taking a million pictures using my phone, but without stopping the car. LOL. Most of the pictures have some sort of windshield reflection but I don't care. I couple turned out pretty nice.

 Starting out in the Mojave desert. I really like this picture. In this case the reflection worked well. LOL
 The Really Good Jerky signs! You'll find these signs up and down Kern county.
 You know you're getting close to Ridgecrest when you see advertisements for guns. Go Amurrika.
 You can see the start of the Eastern Sierra mountains on the left and a dormant red volcano on the right.
 My first sight of snow on the mountains. I've reached Lone Pine by this time.
 I reach the town of Bishop and I spot the sign for my favorite corner bakery! There will be a stop in the near future!
 The famous, bigger bakery of Schatts. Also good.
Starting to go up in elevation and what do I see on the right? But my sneak peak to the snow of  Mammoth Lakes.

Crowley lake. I actually got out of the car for this picture. LOL

 I love mountains. I don't think I could live in the Midwest.
This turned out to be a cooler picture than I expected. I have my car and the sign letting me know I had 34 miles to go. But my favorite is the mountains in the rear view mirror. 

I MADE IT. Welcome to Lee Vining indeed. Yay!

The first thing I did after meeting my new boss and a few of my co-workers is move in to my new room. The second thing I did was wake up this morning and go for a jog. I. am. out. of. shape. I started looking up swimming pools and re-found the information for the High Sierra Triathlon club. I'm hoping to join this club soon. I just have to learn how my work schedule is going to look like first. 

HOWEVER, regardless of whether I become a triathlete junkie, the roads here look like a lot of fun! I need a road bike! I didn't bring my mountain bike. I need to get a new mountain bike anyway. But a road bike would be awesome too. Now do I desperately need this investment? No. But wouldn't it be awesome if I had it? YES!

I need to focus on my job as well of course, and there will be A LOT of hiking in higher elevation than I'm used to. I'm used to 4,000-5,000+ ft of elevation. Now we're talking 6,000-12,000 ft in elevation. Time to get acclimated! Wooo! I'm going to be out of breath faster than you can say arugula. 

Speaking of arugula. I'm excited because it looks like I'm completely in charge of my own food here. You might think it would be nice to have your meals made for you at your job, but when it's the fifth time they're giving you chicken nuggets and tater tots you start going insane and dreaming of curry and grilled salmon. LOL. I've always eaten healthier when it's just me. I'm hoping to start cooking again soon.

Which reminds me it's time to take a shower (I need it after my jog.) and go to the grocery store... which is 30 miles away in Mammoth Lakes. LOL

Have a great week everyone.


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