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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Learning about my PCOS disorder

It's interesting knowing you have a disorder and your doctors just telling you to lose weight because that's what causing you to have so many different symptoms.

I didn't really question it too much and I finally got my act together and lost some weight. But once I really hit my plateau and been stuck here for over a year I finally started to really research PCOS.

Initial thoughts were that I didn't realize how many women are in the same boat. I also realized that most women don't realize they have PCOS until they try to conceive and find out they're infertile. Being a 26 year old woman that sees no baby in her future, this isn't something I'm really worried about, but it is a little bit concerning that I might have problems in the future.

Learning about insulin resistance being a big factor was also something I was surprised to find out. I knew I was pre-diabetic but I didn't think PCOS and diabetes had anything to do with each other.

My eyes are opening and I'm very interested and invested in learning more.

Stay tuned, who knows what I'll find out, and I'm already making changes to see how I can manage PCOS better. I will share my experiences soon.


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