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Monday, May 27, 2013

I've re-reached the 40 lbs lost mark!!

I did it! I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 211.4 lbs. Exactly the 40 lbs lost mark that I had previously reached back in 2010. 2010!
You know it's me when you see my zebra stripe tan lines. I'm kind of getting known for them. lol

I looked back at my old post and saw that was when I was losing 3-5 lbs a week and the 40 lbs loss didn't feel like a big accomplishment. Looking through my weight loss blog history I was only able to go down 50 lbs and then I re-gained 15-20 lbs.. AND was stuck there for nearly 2 years (TWO!). I had been stuck in the 2-teens for so long I admit I felt doomed to be there forever.

Many times I would weigh myself and see that I reached 212 lbs. One pound away from 211, my 40 lbs loss mark. However I would never make it past that number. It was as if 212 was the trigger to suddenly get a craving for ice cream, or decide that I didn't need to go for a jog that week. My self-sabotaging efforts became very obvious after so many repeat offenses.

So like old times let's do a proper Weigh In:

Current Weight: 211.4 (-3 lbs from last week and 40 lbs loss from my start at 251 lbs)

Work Out Achievement(s):
So now that I'm in a different setting; new job, new home, my own kitchen (for the most part), my own food choices and my own time to cook I KNEW I had no excuse but to get myself working again.

I've decided to go back to tracking my food, setting goals on my trackers (Runkeeper and Sparkpeople.com) and like always, writing down my accomplishments, my weight and my measurements on my calendars to keep me accountable.

It may seem silly but looking at Runkeeper and seeing a small list of past goals I didn't achieve (and it even said so "past unachieved goals") makes me feel horrible.

So first food. I didn't start tracking until a couple of days ago but here's what I have

Saturday: 2006 calories
Sunday: 1784 calories

My goal is to stay inside the 1200-1600 calories. I went over those two days but I know I was doing pretty well before the weekend.

Work outs: I started walking and jogging and I'm trying to incorporate more toning and strength workouts intertwined with my cardio walk/jogs.
Saturday: I love my job.

Sun: 2.91 mi walk
Mon: 1.25 mi run, 1.80 mi walk = 3.05 miles
Tue: ~3 mi hike (not tracked)
Wed: 1.12 mi run
Thu: 1.30 mi walk
Fri: 1.45 mi run
Sat: 2.23 mi walk, and an all day hike with kids- miles unknown
Sun: 3.00 mi walk/jog

I am at 6,700+ ft of elevation here and I'm still getting acclimated to the altitude. Trying to jog a mile is nearly impossible right now. Many times I had to stop and walk when I started jogging, hence the reason I kept my runs short last week. I feel a bit better so I hope to start upping the distance.

My main goal is to get to 180-190 lbs by the end of the year. I'm dying to reach the Overweight BMI and get away from Obesity once and for all.

My current goal is to get to 208-209 lbs by the beginning of June. That's a 2-3 lbs loss in a week but I know that if I work hard enough I can reach that. It'll be a little difficult since I will be taking a wilderness medicine course the first week of June and I will be busy all day for a week but I'm confident I can do it if I really set my mind to it

In order to reach my goals, my small goals are:
1. Drink at least 64 oz of water daily
2. Walk 10 miles in a week or more
3. Do more toning and stretching exercises
4. Stay within 1200-1600 calories a day
5. Eat low glycemic food and cook more

And finally my motivation to reach my goal is this shirt I won last Christmas for the Virtual 5k Daily Vitamin F hosted last year. The biggest shirt size they had was a Large and it just doesn't fit well yet. So I have pinned it to my wall. I love the message it has and I would LOVE to wear this shirt.

This is what I look like with it on now.

 As you can tell I'm stretching it a bit. These muscle shirts are supposed to fit loosely, and that's the goal. To have this shirt fit me well.  :)

So that's the plan. I feel pretty good about everything right now. As long as I keep things simple and focus on what I need to do I know I can continue this weight loss. One and two pounds at a time.

Good luck to all and happy Memorial Day!


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