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Friday, May 24, 2013

Learning to appreciate black beans

I've been doing my best to stick with low glycemic food. I only bought a few things from the grocery store (living in tourism central= everything costs an arm and a leg) to not burn a whole in my wallet. So I've been eating a lot of bell pepper, broccoli, fish, and black beans.
When you're short of time and money, canned black beans are the sh*t. 

I've been trying to keep things interesting and I'm falling in love with coconut oil.
Trader Joe's coconut oil. Not too pricey and a great size.

I love how it's a solid and I don't automatically use too much of it, since I have to scrape it from the container in to the pan. However this is an oil I wouldn't mind having extra; the flavor makes my food taste delicious. 

Another couple of new staples that I'm trying to incorporate in to my diet are cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

I read that both are excellent to help me with PCOS. Cayenne pepper, although I'm not a fan of too spicy food, is an excellent form to help boost and speed your metabolism. I need that desperately so I deal with the spice and add it. If I add a little bit it's not too bad. I'm hoping to learn to embrace it soon.

Cinnamon helps reduce insulin resistance. Now I've read a bit about how it might mess with medications like Metformin. I'm not sure how true that is, but I figure I'll try it and see how it is with me. Everyone's reactions and symptoms are different. I love cinnamon. I don't think it'll hurt, it'll either work or not. 

I've been trying to use these ingredients with different dishes. I need to get more creative so that not everything tastes like coconut oil and cayenne pepper stir fry with a touch of cinnamon, which is what's been happening these last couple of days. 

Last nights creation was actually AMAZING. I used my glycemic cook book to try to make salmon burger patties. I didn't have breadcrumbs so I used wheat germ. That DOESN'T work so don't try it. However the mix of salmon, green onion, black beans and fried with cayenne and coconut oil turned out to be delicious especially because I added the mix to a toasted and buttered slice of toast. So it was like salmon bruschetta. Mmmmm. I'm sure I'll make it again so I'll post pics next time. Last night I gobbled it up before I thought of taking documentation of my quasi-masterpiece. LOL

Overall things are going ok with trying new foods. But it's true that I need to figure out some sort of variety or I'll get bored really fast.

Have a great weekend!


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