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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ups, downs and 12 hour days

 Tried on all and saw that in half size XL was too big. Go Large!
I'm tired. I just spent all of June so far and the last day of May up and working for 12 hours each day. This includes the 8+ hour drives to and from my WFR course and then each day of the WFR course itself. Today I walked in to work and after a couple of hours of hanging out with kids and getting ready to head out for the day I was told to go take a break and rest. I didn't feel too tired then so I went to the office and finally received my staff t-shirts. I'm between XL and L right now and I was happy to see that size Large is fitting me better! In a couple of them XL was still the better option but still! Once I finished and sat down and really spent some time relaxing I'm realizing how tired I really am.

I wasn't able to do a proper work out once this week. I did some stretching and some push ups/sit ups in the morning and tried not to eat too much junk but it was a hard week. I still have this weekend before my official weigh in so I'm going to do my darnedest to get some exercise and good food in.

But you know what? I got my Wilderness First Responder certification! This means I have a little card that says I've been trained to do a bunch of emergency procedures in a wilderness setting including but not limited to: using an epi pen, performing evacuations, setting dislocations and CPR. Using an AED (clear!) and oxygen tanks. I now know how to take someones blood pressure and I know what the numbers mean.


Let's do this!
We'll see how this hectic week worked with my weight loss goal. Good luck to everyone and happy weekend!

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