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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weigh In: Food in the Land of Plenty

Happy Monday! I admit it took me a long time to get up this morning. I was awake... sort of... but every time I got up I kept going back under the covers. One of the times I got up though I weighed and measured myself. Here it is:

Current Weight: 206.0 lbs (-1.0 lbs exactly. Perfect!)

I lost the pound I wanted to lose! Woop! I admit the scale kept going back and forth between 205.8 and 206.0 but in the end it landed on 206 so that's what it is. I checked my measurements and definitely saw that I lost a quarter inch on my hips and a slight fraction of an inch lost on my arms. Nice!

Getting to 206 was a bit of a hassle last week since I ended up visiting friends and being introduced to food, food and more food that I did not hold back on eating. Eeek!

The food at Sunday's party. I provided the chili next to the apples.
So let's see the damage.


Starting with calories for the week.

Mon: 1467
Tues: 1547
Wed: 1498
Thurs: 1803
Fri: 2534
Sat: 1023
Sun: 2133

Things started getting tricky on Thursday when I had a craving for something sweet and I started snacking. It got worse on Friday when I went to visit a friend of mine who is known to eat like a vaccuum cleaner and cook like a master chef. Bad combination when I can't control myself over food. I tried to make up for it on Saturday and ate very little. I wasn't really hungry until 7pm! On Sunday I ate sensibly but I was invited to a party and later to a bar. Alcohol and mixed drinks. That's all I can say. Sigh. At the end of the night I went to bed dreading the scale knowing I'd consumed too much that weekend. So I was pleased this morning with the results.

On to work outs.

Mon: lake swim 25 minutes
Tues: Steep short hike 3.8 miles
Wed: toning work out by trying to fix my car
Thurs: jog/walk 40 minutes
Fri: 2 mile hike
Sat: 45 minutes toning work out
Healing bad sunburn. :(
Sun: 2.5 mile jog/walk

I didn't do too many strenuous work outs but I stayed active. On Wednesday I made a work out out of trying to fix a dent I put in my front bumper. It ended up being a rowing work out after a while of me trying to push the dent back out. That day was also when I got the worst sunburn I've ever gotten. My face not only got red, but irritated. It burned and I got bumps and what looked like acne. It took days for it to calm down. This morning it now looks like a slightly red face with peeling skin. I'm ok with that. Never leaving the house without sunblock and a hat AGAIN.

I'm doing well with losing 1 pound a week. I want to continue that and see if maybe this week I can lose 2 lbs.
I'm going to keep my goal to drink 2 nalgenes/ ~60 oz of water a day.
I'm going to continue counting calories and try harder to stay within 1200-1600 calories.
I'm going to continue trying to work out 5-6 days/week
I only did my toning work out twice last week so I need to keep that up and try for 3x/week.
I need to stay away from the sun as much as possible while my face cures. So most of my work outs will probably be in the evening or inside. If I decide to hike more I'm going to have to take extra precautions.

That's all for now. Have a good week and wear sunscreen!


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Debsdailylife said...

You have such an awesome blog and I wanted you to know that I read it all the time but just can't comment. Haven't a clue as to why but Deb said she'd help me.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such sweet words. I love it when you stop. I read your post the other day about Who am I? and I loved it. Truly. Well all your posts but this one spoke to me alot.
So just wanted you to know I do come and visit but can't write yet. Maybe it's my computer or settings, who knows.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon.