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Monday, June 10, 2013

Weigh In; Surprise surprise

I woke up this morning feeling great. I felt attractive (not looked attractive with the bed hair I'm sure I had, I said FELT). My skin felt smooth and healthy and over all I didn't feel fat! I love those mornings. They're not common.

I knew it was Monday so I went to the bathroom, came back, stripped and jumped on the scale hoping and wishing that it'll be less than 212 lbs. When I looked down I was surprised at the number I saw.

Current Weight: 209.6 lbs

Another pound loss! Woo! I quickly did my measurements and saw that I lost half an inch in my hips and one inch in my waist. So the scale wasn't just water weight loss. Awesome!

These last few weeks I've been losing a pound a week. That would be perfect if I kept it up. If I can lose one pound a week I would have reached ONEderland by mid August (my birthday!). I would make it to an Overweight BMI by the time I finish this job in late October/early November AND I would be 5 lbs away from my goal of 175 lbs by New Years. Perfect timing!

Now I have to actually do it. But first what have I done so far?

Work out Achievement(s):

I didn't count calories last week. Half of that time I was still in Southern California eating random things for meals and trying not to over indulge. It didn't always work since I got a horribly tasting muffin for lunch one day and doused it with honey. Or a day later when a friend of mine made me a giant mug of homemade espresso latte, steamed milk and flavored tonic and everything followed by a biscotti.  Two days ago I ate two and a half slices of pizza with my co-workers.... you can see I wasn't expecting weight loss this week.

Click here for the link to the toning routine I'm using.
I didn't do a ton of exercise. I tried stretching and doing a few push ups while I was still doing my WFR. Once I came back I started a new strength training/toning routine that I found online. It's perfect because I don't need any equipment. There are enough different routines that I don't focus on one section of the body and if I do them one after the other I spend a good 20 minutes with an elevated heart beat. You can find the link here. The way I'm doing them is I do as much as I can in one minute, then move to the next work out.

I also started walk/jogging again. On Saturday I did a 2.5 mile loop around the town that took me through streets, paved trails, unpaved trails and up a giant hill with big steps. I was walk/jogging it but when I finished I felt as if I'd run the fastest 5k of my life. That was the day of the pizza. I was determined to burn some of that off.
You can see the feet I climbed and my pace throughout. This kicked my ass apparently.

I also did my short volcano hike I mentioned yesterday and was re-learning how to paddle a canoe. At some point we went to a pool to practice capsizing a canoe and I got a chance to swim a couple of laps. Bliss*

So in the end, it was sporadic but I tried to keep myself active if nothing else.


I'm going to keep my goal of losing 1-2 lbs a week. It seems to be going well so far so I'm going to keep it up.
I'm going to re-start counting calories. Although it's annoying it really works.
I have a bike now but there is something wrong with the gears (so frustrating!) so I have to get that checked before I can start riding again.
I'm hoping to try swimming at the lake this week. It would be awesome to get in the water!
I'm going to keep my toning workout and try to do at least 5 times a week if  not daily.
The days are getting warmer I need to drink at least two water bottles a day.

My work doesn't have a fixed schedule and a lot of the days are long. This makes it nearly impossible for me to join the triathlon club I wanted. I want to contact them this week and see if they have anything that can help me do it on my own or meet them at least once to see how they work out.

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