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Friday, September 9, 2011

Jogging: A love/hate relationship

So it's been a heat wave this entire week and I'm still using it as an excuse to not go jogging. I've been feeling guilty and noticed that today wasn't as hot as the rest of the week. Seeing as the only exercise I did all week was a couple of dance work out videos and a walk with my mom, I figured I NEEDED to go outside.

Like last time the beginning of the jog was tough. I felt bloated and my calves felt tight. I struggled going uphill and to top it off my mp3 player (set on all songs P!NK woo!) decided to give me every slow song Pink has. Epic Fail.

But then I turned around at the top of the hill. Stretched, took a breather and kept going. The slow songs finally ended and the tempo picked up. My legs finally warmed up and the road back got easier. My pace sped up and I finally felt good.

Why is it that it takes me freaken' FOREVER to get off my ass. And yet I feel great once I finish? Despite the rough starts, and besides the occasional knee or hip pain. (Gotta work on that.)

I don't know what's up, but I'm glad I got out today.


Challenge Weigh In and dress pics on Sunday!



Betty said...

Good for you!! I CAN NOT jog. But I walk and thats good too. Congrats on the huge weight loss already and good luck on the CDCC!

Anonymous said...

Yay CDCC. I've still not found a dress. Some of my best workouts were started by force and finished by sheer gratifying strength and no less. Just.Do.It. :)

Julie said...

Good luck on the challenge. I can't wait to see your dress and what you're plans are. I know about the love and hate of jogging/running. I am working so hard to be able to do my next 5k in 30 minutes but I am not making it. Maybe I'm trying to hard, I don't know I just now I'm a bit upset about it all.
Take care and God Bless!!