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Friday, September 2, 2011

September Weigh In: A Xmas Challenge!

I checked the scale this morning now that it's officially September and here's August's damage:

Current Weight: 208.0 lbs

I gained at least 8 pounds in a month. Looking at my weight progress this entire year (2011) it's obvious I've been trying to keep my weight at bay in the early 200's and trying desperately to keep within the ONEderland mark the entire summer. It feels like I've been trying to hold a wave (of weight) back with my bare hands and that I finally slipped last month and allowed some weight to pass my arm-wall of steel!

That's how I picture it anyway. It's time to rebuild the wall (maybe get some solid support if you catch my meaning) and mop up and throw out this uninvited weight again. How long will that take? I'm not sure. But there is no time like the present to start.

But honestly, can we say "Yo-Yo dieter"? I mean this year is almost over and I haven't been able to get much progress at all compared to last year. I know I shouldn't compare but it's hard when I did so well last year and I've spent all of this year in this crazy plateau. It's brought a lot of things in perspective and it's opened my eyes to the type of habits I have, things I know I should change and how hard it's been to change them.

To help me with the rest of the year I have signed up (and been picked for WOO!) a Xmas Challenge!

The lovely Princess Dieter has created a new challenge for the winter called the Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge 2011 where with certain rules and determination us challengers will do our hardest to lose enough weight to fit in to a smaller sized 'Xmas dress' by Holiday season.

In order to do that we have to have a set caloric range, commit to an activity 30 minutes a day, have a book(s) to study that help us on our journey, pick a dress, take a picture with it before and after, and most of all NOT GIVE UP. All in a 14 week time period.

Sounds exactly what I need and very close to my own goals already. Having other people to work with and compete with sounds awesome! As I've mentioned before I usually go at things alone but I think it's time to change that and see if a group dynamic might help me better this time.

I'm very excited! I have already started my research for books (hence the reason I was looking at magazines that inspired my last post ) and have already bought the dress I wanted!

The challenge officially starts Sept. 11 and I'm on my way to getting ready for it. One thing I need to try again is a paleo diet. I KNOW it would be a fantastic fit for what I need, but it's also VERY challenging for me because dairy and grains are/were such a huge part of my life/diet. But because of that it's also the reason why I really need to try this out. I tried earlier this summer and failed miserably. I restricted myself too quickly and all hell broke loose. I ended up binge eating worse than I have in a long time; which is evident in my weight gain. I need to try again. I need to try it slower and read up on this lifestyle a little more before I take a blind plunge again.

I have people expecting me to take this seriously. I won't let them or myself down. I've never been one to break my promises (or feel ok with letting people down if I do fail). I can do this.

I'll make a separate post with all the required information for the challenge and post it soon.

Good luck on your journey. May your map be smoother than mine has been. If it isn't may your support system help you in those pesky obstacles.



Princess Dieter said...

Actually, I only require a minimum of 3x a week of exercise. Not 30 mins daily. BUT...more is fine, daily is fine.

I will be very interested in following your updates doing Paleo. I don't do Paleo--like cheese and yogurt too much and won't give up sucralose in my coffee/iced tea. BUT...from Primal and Paleo peops, I did move to remove grains (although we do rice, just not daily) and minimize legumes (I still have not totally given up hummus or black beans, but drastically reduced intake, and for a Cuban raised on daily beans, it's tough). We upped fresh whole food. It adds up.

Best with the challenge. I still am on the hunt for a dress.

Doug said...

Krista Smash has had some great articles on transitioning to paleo-style diets recently.


Anonymous said...

Hi, see you in the Christmas dress challenge!! :)