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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not Doing So Well

Isn't if funny that Wednesday seems to be the day some people (at least me) like to check in? It's the belly button of the week, and I suppose that means it's time to take some time and reflect on progress.

For me there doesn't feel to be any. Sigh.

I've been waking up these last three mornings feeling horrible. I feel tired, bloated and sick. I feel heavy and just bleh. I know what it is. It's the food I've been eating and the lack of exercise from the last few weeks. But instead of reaching for something healthier I end up eating just as badly and have no energy to exercise. It's a horrible cycle!

The week is still early but I hate waking up like this. I hate having my old routine messed up and I don't like how I forget little things when I'm home. I forget to take my multi-vitamin. I forget to drink water. I forget to go outside sometimes! What gives!

I promised myself I'd go swimming tonight so I will. I don't understand how I become so lazy and sluggish when I'm home and I'm still struggling in changing that.

This morning I woke up at seven. Didn't end up taking my sister-in-law to work so what do I do? Instead of grabbing my walking shoes and enjoying the crisp morning weather.. I move to a now empty bedroom put on a movie and fall asleep for another 2 hours.

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.

I hope it gets bettter.

rant over



Anonymous said...

It will get better, but changing habits when you are back in your old environment is really hard. Sometimes list-making can help, but I would bet once you start your new job, you'll find the new habits come back!

-Dr. Wade

Nanette said...

One decision at a time. Remember that you don't have to take on the world. Just one decision at a time.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a good night's sleep and that tomorrow is a better day!