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Monday, September 12, 2011

Weigh In: First Day of CDCC

I weighed myself again this morning and found a slightly happy change:

Current Weight: 212.6 lbs (+4lbs from last week and surprisingly -0.8 lbs from yesterday)

Work Out Achievement(s): So yesterday was my initial post for the Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge (CDCC). Yesterday was the first day of me tracking my calories again and although my goal was 1400 I ended up eating around 1900. Yikes!

However I was happy that last night was my first time back in the gym with a mission. I wanted to finish a 5k in under 40 minutes. I rocked that treadmill and ended up doing a 5k in 39 minutes. Boy let me tell you going back to a treadmill after doing trails was hard. Honestly it was a bit boring. LOL. I have the tendency of fixing my sight on a post or tree or something to run toward and then switch to something else when I got close as a motivator. With a treadmill, you're not going anywhere so it's hard to keep going when my legs were tight or I look down at the monitor and realize I've only done one mile. Either way by the end of it my legs were so in to it I felt like they were still moving after the session was over.

The best part about it was being able to use some machines to work my arms. I admit I missed it. I got a sheet with the class schedules and I'm planning on going to Zumba tonight. I'm very excited!

Goal(s): So far up to a reasonably good start to the CDCC. I have to watch my calorie in take since I was pretty surprised at the amount I ate last night. I also plan on reading my book before going to bed every night so I'll be able to start that soon too. For now I'm keeping my water bottle near me and getting those ounces in. I'm very energetic and I think things are going well so I just hope my mood keeps up!


Betty said...

You´re doing good. For me it´s the opposite. I¨m good with the calories, but didn´t get any walking in yesterday.

Nanette said...

Keep it up! Your before and after pictures you've got up are inspiring. You can do it! Keep up the water intake! :)

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

SOunds like a good day to me. It is a marathon, in my opinion, this whole getting and staying healthy thing. SO we definitely have to pace ourselves. I love Zumba.... Can't wait to hear how your class went.