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Sunday, October 9, 2011

CDCC Check In/ A new challenge.

Hello Everyone,

It's Sunday evening here in the mountains and I finally got a chance to sit down and do my Xmas Dress Countdown Challenge Update.

Current Weight: 207.6 lbs (-0.6 lbs) This is a rough number from when I checked my weight on Friday and when I checked my weight this morning with my moms non-digital scale.

I'm actually pretty happy with this small loss seeing as I spent the entire of last week trying to breathe and stay dry. Last weekend I got this whinny cold and the weather had been rainy. Finally on Friday I was able to breathe much better and the weather got nicer but I still had a small cough and an old hooker smokers croaky voice. LOL

I went home on the weekend and I actually spent most of Saturday out shopping with my mom and my grandma so I didn't have much of a chance to stay home and pig out. My calorie counting has been horrendous but it's been somewhere in the 1800-1900's. My goal is to keep my calorie in take around 1400-1600 so I need to work on that.

Actually one of the things my mom and I ended up buying this weekend was a juicer!

A while back a blogger commented about a film they saw that inspired them. I looked it up and found it in Netflix. 

It's called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." (Btw, if YOU are the blogger who mentioned this film and are reading this now, please let me know. I forgot who it was! And I must thank you!)

A story about a man who goes on a juice only fast while touring the U.S. while battling a skin disease.

I showed the film to my mom a few weeks ago when we were talking about how we needed motivation. When I came back home this weekend my mom had looked up the website and had been looking up juicers because she wants to try the juice challenge herself. I got excited and told her I would try the juice challenge with her. 

Since I'm away from home right now we both 2 juicers and promised that we'd both start on Wednesday. Giving us both time to look up different ingredients for juices and time to go stock up on fruits and vegetables. LOL

I don't think this is a bad thing to do. It's kind of interesting to detox yourself and have a diet of only fruits and vegetables for a while. I don't think this could be a life long change. (I mean think about only drinking juice for the rest of your life. Yikes!) But I don't mind trying something new. More importantly I want to help my mom do something to get healthier. I want to support her and by doing this with her I feel like I'm helping her as much as myself. 

I'll post again soon when I'm ready to start the juice challenge. 

A part from that. I was only able to stretch and do some arm training last week seeing as my super stuffy nose and the weather kept me from doing any cardio. I'm really happy the weather and my health are almost back to normal. I'm itching to get my running shoes on!

When I went home this weekend I picked up my old Spark book. 

It really helped me start and keep with healthy habits last year. Seeing as I'm struggling with that now I'm hoping this book will help me regain some heavily needed focus.

On the upside. My water in take has been AWESOME. Trying to get my nose working I've been drinking tea (breathing in the steam like crazy) and water up the wazoo. One day I counted the cups of tea I had and it was up to 6 in less than 5 hours. Crazy. 

Goal for this week is to go jogging at least three times this week and get some hikes in. I want to practice archery more often now that I know how to use a bow and arrow and that will help my arm strength (pulling a bow string back to your ear is kind of hard!)

More updates with pictures later this week!

Have a great week everyone!

The mother-daughter challenge duo!



Julie said...

Good luck this week. Tell us about the juicer, sounds interesting.
Have fun with the archery, I love it. My son and I do it together.
Keep up the great work. New week, new challenges... You can do them all. Take care and God Bless!!!

Nanette said...

Hey! If you look at the beginning posts of my blog, I started by juicing. It was intense. And really tough. I didn't make it to 30 days bc I was experiencing a lot of light headedness.

But it's a really cool way to introduce yourself to new fruits and veggies. I recommend trying a horned melon They're like melon flavored oranges. Weird, but awesome. If you want any juice recipe ideas, let me know! :)

"KT" said...

Good luck to you and your mom, great photo of the two of you. :) I've been reading The Spark too and it seems really good so far, hope it does help you with focus!

Angela Pea said...

Double Yahoo for bringing Mom on board, too! Focusing on a healthy lifestyle is so much easier with a partner in crime!

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better, and hope you have a fabulous week!

upinthecosmos said...

I watched that documentary also & found it very interesting but I have yet to actually try juicing. I should have tried when there were still so many fruit choices but it's never too late I guess:-)

I'm not sure you would have read my blog & it was a short & sweet mention cause I was sick at the time, http://upinthecosmos.blogspot.com/2011/08/week-ten-oh-to-be-healthy-again.html

Kudos for you and your mom giving it a go though... I still think I should also:-)

Denise said...

Good luck with the juicing. It's great that you've consistingly lost each week. Keep doing what your doing.

Jordan said...

Hey, I wrote about juicing a little bit too! I thought that movie was really powerful. I posted a few juice recipes at the beginning of my blog, from Join The Reboot website. I couldn't hack an entire 30 days of juice, but I make a juice once or twice a week and they always make me feel great!