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Sunday, October 23, 2011

CDCC Check In

I just got back from an epic weekend outside of San Francisco, where I traditionally go to attend an anime convention with friends. It's awesome because it's sometimes the only time I get to see some people and it's a fun way to fan girl, and geek out with people who understand what the hell you're talking about.

Sadly because of that I just got back a second ago and didn't get a chance to weigh myself this morning so I'm guessing (due to my lack of exercise and excessive pastry eating) that --

Current Weight: 2-teens.. I wouldn't be surprised that I've gained weight. I can kind of feel it.

My water intake has been awesome. So much so that I had to pee every five minutes during the convention and it got really annoying.

I started reading another historical comic book about an inside look at Northern Korea from a Canadian animator who lived there for two months around 2005. Again I know it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with weight loss. But it opened my eyes further about how the U.S. is run compared to other countries and how our relationship to food can be so different from other cultures. It makes me a little ashamed at the amount of food we waste when there are other countries that have to ration out their food and etc.. Not to say that North Korea's methods are any better than ours but I did see that there are differences and how food really is a type of socializing tool and how different people use it for different advantages.

I finished my juice fast on Tuesday, one day early than the week I promised myself and honestly I had been cheating all week so I can't really say I was doing that great to begin with. This weekend I also had to deal with the fact that the only immediate food source was a small Starbucks inside the hotel I was staying in and that didn't help at all. The drinks themselves are a million calories and a pastry is double that. I'm scared to look at the scale tomorrow morning.. but I will.

Exercise was also lacking last week. I have been trying to catch up and learn new techniques for work, and also the weather in the morning has been getting colder and colder; so long story short I hardly did any jogging until Friday morning.

On Friday morning, before I got on a plane to San Francisco. I finally got off my ass and ran 3.1 miles in 45 minutes. Not my best time but pretty good considering that I was doing it outside a treadmill without an mp3 player. I have to start training up for a 5k I promised myself I'd sign up for for November. That'll be exciting.

This morning I also talked to two different people who are doing a Paleo lifestyle and I asked more about them. One older woman gave me a lot of links and material to look up and suggested a lot of books as well. I'm excited to look them up this week seeing as Paleo has been something I've been interested in for months now.

I'm sorry this post is super late. I'll update again tomorrow.

Until we meet again,



Angela Pea said...

Whoot! You and me, sliding in under the midnight deadline for posting.

What a wonderful, relaxing trip you had - it's so nice to get away. Now it's back to work, so rev up and get your exercise this week!

Jordan said...

You did so much better than me on the juice fast! I couldn't hack more than one juice a day. They still made me feel great though. How did your mom do?

Laryssa said...

It's so true about the differences in how we eat and how many other countries in the world view eating. Eating for Americans has turned into more than a necessity. It's like we can't be comfortable socializing unless we're eating, or we can't feel happy unless we're eating, or we can't deal with stress unless we're eating.