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Sunday, October 16, 2011

CDCC Check In

I admit I'm having trouble with the juice fast. I can't seem to commit to sticking with juice and pretty much I've been eating something every day. Usually I end up eating an apple as a snack between juice meals. Or a banana. etc.

It seems to help the urges and hunger; although the juice itself usually fills me up fine. It just doesn't satisfy that urge to chew! LOL.

I didn't think it was that big of a deal until yesterday. Yesterday some family from Mexico came to visit and through some delays we didn't get a chance to eat anything until 2pm. I. was. starving. (Well not literally.) We went to brunch and I wasn't sure what to order. I decided to ask for a soup. It came with a salad. So I ordered a salad. It also came with a muffin, so I ordered a muffin.

I ended up eating two servings of soup, the entire salad and the whole muffin. Not only that but when I got back to the mountains one of my co-workers made a carrot cake from scratch. Carrot cake is my favorite cake in the world and I admit I ate some. Too much really.

I told myself I'd go back to juicing the following day. And I have so far. But that slip really showed this morning.

Current Weight: 208.4 (+0.8 lbs since last week)

Aaaarrrggh! I didn't want to believe it. But there it is. I GAINED this week.

I'm relieved it wasn't too bad but I was still hoping for a loss. I'll have to do better this week. I have to.

On to the rest of the CDCC challenge:

Water in take: I did fantastic (I mean a juice fast. C'mon people it's all about liquids.)

Work Outs: I also did pretty well. I hiked two days in a row. Jogged two miles the next couple of days and somewhere in there my co-workers and I did some nice stretches, abs, and arm workouts. It worked so well I'm still a little sore two days later.

Book: I actually got engrossed in reading Maus, which is a comic about how a survivor of the Holocaust tells the story of his time during the war to his comic artist son.

Now I know this doesn't have much to do with weight loss but in reality it really got me thinking about the idea of wasting resources; including food, and living life to the fullest. Not to mention the awe I had about how this man used his resources and cleverness, as well as his people skills to survive. It's really a life lesson for me and believe it or not I really think I learned something from it.

I'm going to be going back to the Spark this week to help me stay on track and tackle this juice fast once again.

Support: I'm proud to say that earlier this week I finally had a good chance to go through many of my fellow bloggers posts and spread some love. The support I receive has been amazing and I wanted to make sure I returned the favor.

I'm going to San Francisco next weekend and I had hoped to be closer to my goal weight. Obviously that's been a huge struggle and I'm not going to make it but I'm hoping that I'll get closer to ONEderland once again.

Wish me luck and I hope everyones week went great!



Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Juice fasts are challenging. The gain is rough to face but you may be putting you r body in starvation mode. I tried to juice fast but I had to add in fruits and veggies to get through the day. I hope you have a great week.

Nanette said...

oh the danger of a juice fast... Re-entering the world of eating slowly is so tough! Here's pushing for a loss next week though!

Laryssa said...

Have you tried adding whey protein to your juice drinks? Fruits and veggies have protein but very little compared to what we need during the day, especially if you're exercising. Adding the protein will give you an added energy boost and should make it easier for you to stick to it. :)

Anonymous said...

How long were you doing the juice fast, I may have missed that post. Hope it goes well.

Princess Dieter said...

What I see as the problem is the lack of protein (protein is the most satiating of the macronutrients). Your gain may just be from the brunch--soup is super salty, generally.

Carrot cake..um..that's like not good. Better to have cheated with some protein--eggs, cheese, chicken,e tc.

If you get hungry, and you're gonna cheat, at least cheat with protein, so you don't get hungry. Or do protein-fruit smoothies with whey protein. Whey is satiating and has been shown to aid weight loss (how, I dunno, but keep reading that all over).

Anyway, best to you THIS week.

Betty said...
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Betty said...

I admire you for sticking to the juice for so long! I couldn´t do it. I have to chew something too. It´s just such a habit!
I hope you lose even more next week!


upinthecosmos said...

I hear ya on the need to chew, LOL! I haven't tried the juice fast yet cause I've been afraid that it would trigger a binge cycle. I did do green smoothies but only for a meal a day & then I just got bored with it. Good luck with it if you can stick to it:-)