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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hiking in the San Jacinto Mts/I signed up for a 5k!

Hello everyone,

It's been so busy all week and before I knew it it was the weekend and my weigh in/CDCC check in is tomorrow.

I wanted to update before checking in simply saying that this week has been better.

The week started off mediocre on food in take, water and lack of exercise but around Wednesday/Thursday I finally started to get my act together and started paying more attention to my food and tried to make time for some form of physical activity. It helped that, depending on the schedule, my job sometimes requires hikes and running around. Working with 5th and 6th graders can do that to you.

It really started Thursday night, after a minor mental breakdown (probably had to do with hormones or being a girl, I'm not sure) and complaining for weeks that I didn't want to jog at night because it's been so cold I finally bit my lip, put on some layers and my headlamp and did a quick jog around the camp. A total of 14 minutes makes me believe that I probably ran around 1 mile. It wasn't much but it was the push that I needed.

Yesterday was a big day. I ran around with kids in the morning, went hiking with co-workers in the afternoon, went jogging with a buddy in the evening (it was so nice of him to keep pace with me although I knew how slow my pace must have been for that running fiend.) and not only that but that night we went to karaoke and I probably danced for 2 hours straight. (What can I say, Michael Jackson and old classics do that to me. LOL)

What hiking around my "backyard" looks like. Gorgeous neh?

My co-workers and I are supposed to be training for a 5k and I finally registered! It's official now, I'm running on my first race next weekend!

It's pretty awesome because this race is benefiting the Boys and Girls Club that actually started the Science Camp that I currently work for. It'll be a great opportunity to support the club as well as represent the camp, not to mention I get to finally fulfill my goal of running in a 5k! If you can't tell I'm VERY excited~ LOL

Today I went hiking again, trying out different trails from the ones my co-workers and I did last night. It was nice to move around and get acquainted with the trails, partly because I need to know them when I lead hikes for work but also because it's just damn gorgeous and I can't get enough of it.

I'll check in tomorrow with my Weigh In and more specifics on how things in the challenge are going.

Until next time!

<3 w0rld

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Denise said...

Congrats on signing up for a 5k. I do my first official 5k race in Redlands on Nov 6. By the end of the weekend we will both be able to mark that off our list. Good luck and have fun.