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Monday, March 26, 2012

Non-Weigh In

Yesterday was a good day because I ran my first 10k race. It's amazing what something like that makes you feel the next day. Usually the day of all you want to do after is celebrate then take a nap. LOL. I didn't get to nap yesterday and felt the grogginess but today after a good sleep I feel.... lighter for one. I feel...happy. I feel... refreshed. I think this is the reason why I continue to do this. It's something I forget every once in a while. LOL.

I will write a full race report soon but for now, it's Monday. Let's get to it!


Hips: 48.15 inches (-0.35 inches)
Waist: 44 inches (-1.25 inches)
Arm: 14.75 inches (-0.25 inches)
Thigh: 26.5 inches (same)
Calf: 16.75 inches (same)

I'm happy to see that my bloated middle is no longer so bloated. This little bit of progress and the light post-race euphoria  I have right now is exactly what I needed to motivate me to keep going. It really is hard when you're stuck in a plateau or stuck in one mind set for too long. It also reminds me how important it is to have a support system to keep you moving when you're down in the dumps too. So thank you everyone who has supported me and given me nice comments either here or in facebook. LOL.


Water: I was able to finish my 64 oz water bottle about 5/7 times this week. On Friday and Sunday I didn't get to finish my water bottle. But the rest of the week I was drinking water so well I had to do the whole "Gotta pee!" dance every five minutes.

Calories: I didn't count this week but I should have because without meaning to I went out to eat about 4 times this week. 4! I ate a burrito on Monday, a huge burger and fries on Thursday, a tuna melt and more fries on Saturday and of course a pancake and omelet breakfast after the race on Sunday.

A lot of fries, a lot of cheese! It makes sense now why I had minor stomach trouble last night. I've been eating cheese sparingly for the last few months and now this. It was a little too much for my body to handle I think.

Strength Training: Very light training twice last week. My pilates kit finally came in with
2 soft weight balls
1 65 cm exercise ball (fun!)
2 resistance bands (light and medium resistance)
and 1 exercise cd.

I'm hoping to try it out this week. It should be fun.

Cardio: Not bad this week. I got some good stuff down.

Mon: -
Tues: 2 miles in 26 minutes
Wed: 2 miles in 26 minutes
Thurs: - (Belly dancing class got cancelled)
Fri: 3.8 miles in 50 minutes
Sat: 6 mile hike up a mountain
Sun: 10k race!

So my last bit of training and a good hike before the race yesterday. Not too shabby I think.

My goals for this week are to try training for speed when I run. I'm looking up different ways to try and improve my speed. I'm tired of having slow results when I've been running the same distance for so long. I'm hoping that now that the weather is getting a little warmer I'll have more of a chance and more motivattion to get out there and do sprints. Let's see. Also I'm going to start counting calories again every other day. I don't want to do it every day because it gets boring and then I stop doing it. If I keep it to every other day and try my best to keep my calorie count down I think I'll be ok.

That's all for now. Let's have a great week!


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