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Friday, March 9, 2012

Looks like Crap/Tastes Great!

"Looks Like Crap but Tastes Great!" This pretty much describes how most of my cooking adventures turn out.

Now the last time I experimented with food I discovered my banana-chocolate-peanut butter spread after watching "Julie and Julia" and which I eat more times than I should now.

Funny enough I haven't been experimenting too much since then but now I'm READING Julie and Julia and it inspired me to try experimenting again.

After a morning of reading about gelee's and other random things I suddenly decided I wanted to try making omu-rice. Omu-rice is kind of like a Japanese omelet that a friend of mine (fabulous cook) introduced me to a while back.

I didn't have the right ingredients but I decided to try it anyway.

I started sauteing frozen vegetables with three breakfast sausage links. I added a tablespoon of pesto in to the mix to add some delicious flavor.

While the vegetables were warming up I whipped up the omelet batter. Two large cage free eggs and a splash of Almond Breeze almond milk. I had accidentally bought the Vanilla flavored milk rather than the original and this ended up making the final result taste slightly sweet. I'm trying to watch my sugar in take (unsuccessfully so far) so the milk is unsweetened.

After the vegetables were done I re-buttered the pan and added the omelet batter. I let the egg cook to the size of the pan and made sure the sides didn't stick.
 After the egg cooked a bit I added the vegetable mixture. I realized when I added all the ingredients that this fake 'omu-rice' was going to be WAY too big but I said "F-it. Too late to go back now!" After letting everything cook for a bit longer I attempted the trickiest part: putting a plate face down on the pan and flipping the whole thing over.

I can tell you that I ALMOST made it.

The egg ended up sticking right at the center, the egg layer was too thin anyway and so there was a bit of a fiasco when I removed the pan.

No worries though. I again said "f-it" and added the final touches of some oyster sauce and since I didn't have Japanese mayo, BBQ ranch. LOL

I got my frankenstein's monster of an omelet, grabbed a fork, and poured myself a small cup of Cacao Bean flavored "Hazelnut Milk". I got the milk because I wanted to try it and also it was so local the guy who made it soaked his nuts AT the store where I bought it. Talk about minimal importing. LOL

And you know what you guys? It was DELICIOUS! It was also huge. I wasn't hungry at all for most of that day.

I decided to do the math myself and count up the calories it took for this meal. At the end the omelet and drink was 646 calories.

If you take away some of the sausage links and go easy on the bbq-ranch sauce it could go down to 525 calories.

This omelet was also big enough to split in to two and have two servings which would equal it to being around 330 calories.

Not bad!

It's interesting that Julie and Julia have that affect on me and I'm noticing this habit I'm getting of coming up with disgusting looking concoctions that turn out tasting amazing.

I should keep going and come up with new "ugly but tasty" recipes. What do you think?

Until we meet again


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