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Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Week Left before my first 10k

I realized this morning that my 10k race will be in one week. I'm-freaking-out. Mainly because I have not been training as well as I should. I only got to run ONCE this week and it was a simple 2 mile loop just to make sure my leg was ok after last weekends 6.5 mile run/ foot injury.

My foot felt 90% better the next day and felt a little tender but otherwise good by Monday. So I ran on Tuesday and it went fine.

However I didn't get to run again at all this week. I got to do small hikes during work sure, and I got to try out a belly dancing class on Thursday so at least I haven't been completely idle this week but still.

I'm going to just have to do my best next Sunday. I'm going to try my best to get multiple runs in next week before the race but I don't think I'll be running 6 miles straight again until race day. (It's not really recommended to over-exert yourself right before a race anyway.)

I suppose that's not a bad plan. Plus this race is mainly to get me moving. Get me motivated. I'm thinking that I'll try this race, see how it goes, and then sign up for a new 10k later next month to get better.

Maybe by May I can sign up for a half marathon and try that out.

So I suppose in the end I'm just going to wing it. Honestly that's EXACTLY how I do everything. 

"Hmmm, I don't really know much about this job. Let's wing it!"
"I didn't really study for this test... Aw well let's wing it!"

Yeah. That's me all over.

Every once in a while I get small pointers from my co-workers and believe it or not they've helped. I suppose I should thank them... and ask for more tips!

Wish me luck next week!

Nervously enthusiastic


1 comment:

Nanette said...

you'll do great! I'm a wing-it person too... it helps me enjoy life instead of sweating the small stuff.

can't wait to hear about your race! :)