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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Weigh In and measurement revelations!

It's the start of April. I did weigh myself yesterday morning but work was so busy I didn't get a chance to blog last night. But here I am better late than never.

Current Weight: 218.2 (-0.2 lbs since last month)

So in other words I maintained all month. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I was hoping I'd lose one pound this month. Just one pound. But that didn't happen. It also pretty much made me realize how much I need to work harder and how lax I've become.

While I was measuring myself yesterday morning I started wondering what my measurements were earlier. So I looked back at my post when I had my first "blog-aversary" and looked at what I measured then. Here are the numbers of December 2010:

"Starting Weight: 251
Current Weight: 207
I've currently lost = 44 lbs

Starting Chest: 52 inches
Current Chest: 47.5 in
-----------------------loss= 4.5 in
Starting Waist: 46 in
Current Waist: 44 in
----------------------loss= 2 in
Starting Hips: 53 in
Current Hips: 48.5 in
----------------------loss= 4.5 in
Starting Thigh: 27 in
Current Thigh: 26 in
---------------------loss= 1 in
Starting Calf: 17 in
Current Calf: 16 in
--------------------loss= 1 in"

Although I currently weigh 11 lbs heavier than I did over a year ago I've realized that my measurements are very similar to then:

My measurements for April 2, 2012:
Chest : 47 inches
-------------------------loss since Dec. '10= 0.5 in
Waist: 44 inches
(Now for this I realized that when I measured my waist I actually measured higher than where I measure now. So if I were to measure where I used to measure before my waist size would be:)
Waist: 41.5 inches
------------------------ loss since Dec. '10= 2.5 in
Hips: 48 inches
------------------------ loss since Dec. '10= 0.5 in
Thigh: 26.25 inches
----------------------- loss since Dec '10= +0.25 in (so I actually gained a quarter of an inch. LOL)
Calf: 16.5 inches
----------------------- loss since Dec '10= +0.5 in (I gained half an inch on my calves which is understandable thinking about how much I hike and run now.)

I'm a bit happy to see that although I've yo-yoed  my weight for a while my measurements haven't changed very much. This kind of gives me hope that although I'm not losing weight as much anymore as that first year my body is still healthy and I wonder if I haven't gained muscle at some point. 

I could hope can't I? LOL. 


These last few days I started eating a lot of sweet bread and sure enough I started feeling pretty sick. Although I haven't completely weaned myself to the Paleo lifestyle I've slowly been eating less and less bread and cheese so when I over indulged this weekend with cookies, muffins and cakes I felt so horrible every morning I couldn't remember how I was able to feel that way every morning a couple of years ago. Gosh. 

I used to wake up certain mornings and depending on the weather (if there was a sudden drop of temperature in the mornings) I would suddenly get a huge stomach ache and stomach cramps. It happened all the time. Up until recently I had stopped feeling that way but it came back last week. What a horrible feeling. I don't ever want to feel that way again.


Today after getting a surge of energy, partly from my disappointment with my weight and my happiness in finding out my measurements aren't so bad, I finally got out the running shoes and went for a run. I'm starting to try sprinting. I'm trying to run for short periods of time with walking intervals. Little by little making the walking intervals shorter and the running intervals faster.

Today I tried running faster each sprint and actually finished my 2 mile loop in 24 minutes. I have gotten so used to a lazy jogs that end at around 26 minutes I was so happy to finally get 2 miles in under 25 minutes. I know I can do this. I've realized I've been holding back. I need to stop underestimating myself.

I can't believe it's April and I had hoped I had made more progress by now but I have to keep trying.

A new month. It's time to "just do it" again. I was talking with an old friend and she reminded me of this. Whether or not you "like" a work out or a portion size you just have to DO it. 

I think that's what I have to adapt in order to finally see results.

We'll see how this month goes.

Good luck to all this month!

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