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Monday, April 9, 2012

Non-Weigh In

It's Monday night. After a full day of work here I am. I managed to do my measurements this morning and I was slightly surprised seeing as I definitely indulged in some family bbq goodness this weekend for Easter Sunday.


Hips: 48 inches (same)
Waist:43.5 inches (-0.5)
Arm:14.5 inches (-0.5 )
Thigh: 26.5 inches (+0.25 )
Calf: 16.5 inches (same)

So it looks like my waist has gone down slightly. I'm surprised but very pleased. For the most part I've maintained my measurements. I'm just hoping that this small loss will stay and that it means that if my weight refuses to change I can at least get the sort of figure I've been looking for. LOL


Last week I was really gung-ho in the beginning of the week but when I finally looked back at the end of the week I feel like I hardly did anything.

My super cool 64 oz water bottle broke half way through the week (That's what you get for buying water bottles from the 99 cent store.) It really sucked because I felt like I finally had an easy solution for drinking enough water. My guesstimate is that I drank enough water 4/7 days a week.

I didn't count again. Sigh. I know I've been a broken record for almost a month. I'm not sure if I'm going to start again any time soon. I want to work on the portions and type of the food and not every number.

Strength Training
One time last week. It felt great. I'm hoping for more this week.

Mon: -
Tues: 2 miles in 24 minutes
Fri: a bush whacking hike apporx: 2 miles
Sat: 6.5 miles in 1hr 35 minutes/3 hours of walking
Sun: Light stretching

So less running over all but I finally started training by doing more walk/jogs. I've been able to get faster by doing running sprints and walking intervals. I was thrilled this Tuesday when I finally finished 2 miles in less than 26 minutes. I've been averaging around 26 minutes and I KNOW I can do better. I'd just been holding back. So on Saturday morning I decided to go on a long walk/jog. I ended up spending more time walking than jogging but when I DID jog I went for it. It felt marvelous! I was able to go farther than I would have if I had tried jogging the whole thing. I think for longer races I might have to adapt the walk/jog routine. Although I was walking half the thing I only made it back 10 minutes later than I would have if I had tried to jog the whole thing. I think I'll try doing it again with more running and less walking next time.


My goals this week is to run and strength train as many times as I can this week. I want to make sure I drink enough water and stay away from bread. That's about the normal but it's what I need to focus on to get results.

Good luck everyone!


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ME! said...

For me, I use tupperware. I can have a 2 cup tupperware full of veggies and fruits, 1/2 cup for meat and dessert, 3/4 a cup for grains (rice, paster, etc.), or something along those lines. I do fairly well with the calorie control and I always eat with water to make sure that when I eat, I really am hungry and not just bored. You could try it to see it might be easier than looking up and counting calories.